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15 homebuyers cancel deals at #Lyos | HK Weekend Property Market Recap

Squarefoot 編輯部  2024-05-22  #影片

Last week in Hong Kong property, CK Asset’s new project, #Lyos in Hung Shui Kiu, saw 15 buyers forfeit their deposits. The developer stated that if the units fetch lower prices, the original buyers may be required to pay the price difference for the resale.

On Sunday, CK Asset reduced prices by up to 32% to sell 28 units, including the 15 that had been subject to forfeited deposits. By the end of the day, six units had been sold, four of which were resales.

Last weekend, in addition to #LYOS, Sun Hung Kai Properties’ The Yoho Hub II in Yuen Long also had its second sales round of 213 units, with a total of 204 units sold. Including the first round, the project has now sold 414 units, accounting for about 98% of the units available for sale.

The developer mentioned that there aren’t many one-bedroom units left in Block 8 and plans to exercise more restraint while preparing to launch new units in Block 6. 

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