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About 金屋大厦, 尖沙咀

金屋大厦 is a/an 单幢式大厦 located at 尖沙咀. 金屋大厦 was built in 1976 consists of 1 blocks, 8 floors and has a total of 16 units. 金屋大厦 is located in School Net 31.

Nearby schools:

嘉诺撒圣玛利书院, 嘉诺撒圣玛利学校, 香港凯莉山学校, 香港凯莉山学校, 尖沙嘴方方乐趣国际幼稚园

Nearby public transportation:

香港科学馆 (巴士), 香港科学馆 (巴士), 香港科学馆 (巴士), 金德大厦 (巴士), 香港历史博物馆 (巴士)

Nearby medical/hospital/clinics:

仁 安 医 院, 仁 安 医 院, 油麻地儿童及青少年精神健康服务, 伊利沙伯医院, 香港红十字会输血服务中心

There are 2 properties/units for sale in 金屋大厦. Our comprehensive listing details will help finding, buying, or renting your ideal property easier.