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District select: Happy Valley, Happy Valley Mid Level, Causeway Bay
Happy Valley Gallant Place
No.15 Tung Shan Terrace
HKD$30 Millions @33,408
monthly repayment: HKD$85,358
898 ft² 2 2
Gallant Place 2-bedroom 2-bathroom
Happy Valley Beverly Hill High Floor
6 Broadwood Road
HKD$42.8 Millions @30,014
monthly repayment: HKD$101,481
1,426 ft² 4 3
Flat C1,High Floor,Block C,Beverly Hill
3 days ago posted
Happy Valley Broadwood Twelve High Floor
12 Broadwood Road
HKD$48 Millions @37,471
monthly repayment: HKD$113,810
1,281 ft² 3 3
Flat A,High Floor,Broadwood Twelve,Broadwood Twelve
3 days ago posted
Happy Valley Champion Court Low Floor
67-69 Wong Nai Chung Road
HKD$22.5 Millions @23,196
monthly repayment: HKD$64,018
970 ft² 2 2
Flat A,Low Floor,Champion Building,Champion Building
3 days ago posted
Happy Valley Villa Benesther High Floor
4 Sing Woo Crescent
HKD$36 Millions @22,416
monthly repayment: HKD$85,358
1,606 ft² 5plus
High Floor,Villa Benesther,Villa Benesther
3 days ago posted
Happy Valley The Legend At Jardine's Lookout High Floor
23 Tai Hang Drive
HKD$29.4 Millions @26,630
monthly repayment: HKD$83,650
1,104 ft² 3 3
Flat B,High Floor,Block I,The Legend At Jardine's Lookout
Happy Valley 27-29 Village Terrace 27 1St Floor
27-29 Village Terrace
HKD$12.8 Millions @11,974
monthly repayment: HKD$42,489
1,069 ft² 3 2
SOLE AGENT: Great value peaceful environment
Happy Valley Sun View Court High Floor
31 Village Road
HKD$8.9 Millions @18,619
monthly repayment: HKD$29,543
478 ft² 2 2
Flat A,High Floor,Sun View Court,Sun View Court
Happy Valley Villa Lotto Middle Floor
18 Broadwood Road
HKD$25.5 Millions @22,849
monthly repayment: HKD$72,554
1,116 ft² 3 3
Flat 06,Middle Floor,Block B,Villa Lotto
Causeway Bay The Leighton Hill High Floor
2b Broadwood Road
HKD$52 Millions @48,462
monthly repayment: HKD$123,294
1,073 ft² 3 3
Flat A,High Floor,Block 9,The Leighton Hill
New mortgage plan - P Plan
P = 5.875 %
interest rate
Actual rate
Cash Rebate
Penalty Years

Bank enquiry Tel: 27488080

Updated: 2024-05-17

New mortgage plan - H Plan
H = 4.260 %
interest rate
Actual rate
Cash Rebate
Penalty Years

Bank enquiry Tel: 27102288

Updated: 2024-05-17