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Kowloon Station The Harbourside Unit B, Low Floor, Tower 1
No.1 Austin Road West
HKD$35 Millions @33,365
monthly repayment: HKD$82,986
1,049 ft² 3 2 South
Full-house sea view apartment
Kowloon Station The Arch Unit C, Low Floor, Block 1A
No.1 Austin Road West
HKD$59 Millions @63,305
monthly repayment: HKD$139,892
932 ft² 3 3
Kowloon Station Sorrento Unit H, Mid Floor, Tower 6, Middle Floor
No.1 Austin Road West
HKD$16.6 Millions @22,074
monthly repayment: HKD$47,231
752 ft² 3 2 North east
Practical three-bedroom entry-level choice with city view
Tai Kok Tsui Cetus‧square Mile Unit C, High Floor, Tower 1
18 Ka Shin Street
HKD$13.5 Millions @26,523
monthly repayment: HKD$44,812
509 ft² 3 2 South
♡3 bedrooms♡ Rooftop platform features♡ Five minutes direct access to MTR
Kowloon Station Sorrento Middle Floor
1 Austin Road West
HKD$45 Millions @42,816
monthly repayment: HKD$106,697
1,051 ft² 3 4
Flat A,Middle Floor,Block 3,The Harbourside
15 hours ago posted
Yau Ma Tei King's Park Hill Unit A, High Floor, Block 4, Building
Kings Park Hill Road
HKD$78 Millions @34,868
monthly repayment: HKD$184,942
2,237 ft² 5plus 3 East
Duplex located at the centre of Kowloon!
Yau Ma Tei King's Park Villa Unit C, Low Floor, Block 3
No.1 King Park Rise
HKD$14 Millions @14,768
monthly repayment: HKD$46,472
948 ft² 3 2
Turn back time and price Sun Hung Kai Building, King's Park luxury area
Jordan Topside Residence
350 Nathan Road
HKD$4.79 Millions + @17,807
monthly repayment: HKD$15,900
269 ft²
Topside Residence Tower A1 12/F F
Yau Ma Tei Bell House Unit 5, High Floor
Nos.525-543 Nathan Road
HKD$6.5 Millions @8,553
monthly repayment: HKD$21,576
760 ft² 3 2
Three bedrooms (jumbo suite) and two bathrooms. Newly renovated and practical. o distance to MTR
Kowloon Station The Harbourside Room 1
No.1 Austin Road West
HKD$33.5 Millions @33,005
monthly repayment: HKD$79,430
1,015 ft² 3 2
The Harbourside 3-bedroom 2-bathroom
New mortgage plan - P Plan
P = 5.875 %
interest rate
Actual rate
Cash Rebate
Penalty Years

Bank enquiry Tel: 27488080

Updated: 2024-05-17

New mortgage plan - H Plan
H = 4.260 %
interest rate
Actual rate
Cash Rebate
Penalty Years

Bank enquiry Tel: 27102288

Updated: 2024-05-17