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Ho Man Tin La Salle Residence Unit A, High Floor
No.6 La Salle Road
HKD$78 Millions @19,752
monthly repayment: HKD$184,942
3,949 ft²
Duplex with 910" rooftop , with 3 carparks
5 hours ago posted
Kowloon Tong Beverly Villa Unit A, Mid Floor, Block 6, Middle Floor
No.16 La Salle Road
HKD$20.6 Millions @12,803
monthly repayment: HKD$58,612
1,609 ft² 4 2
41 School Net famous brand housing estate practical room hall large low-rise price to buy mid-rise
Ho Man Tin Edward Court Low Floor
No.5 Man Wan Road
HKD$9.5 Millions @10,650
monthly repayment: HKD$31,535
892 ft² 4 2 South west
Prestigious schools area, good deco and renovation, sale with car park space.
Ho Man Tin Celestial Height Unit 26, Low Floor, Apartment No. 26, Phase 1
No.80 Sheung Lok Street
HKD$31.8 Millions @19,134
monthly repayment: HKD$75,399
1,662 ft² 4 3 South east
Chao Xun Ho Man Tin, one apartment with one staircase, 4 bedrooms and 2 sets
Kai Tak Pano Harbour
Shing Fu Lane
HKD$12.48 Millions + @23,726
monthly repayment: HKD$41,427
526 ft²
Pano Harbour Tower 3B 10/F B
Kowloon Tong One Beacon Hill Unit A, Mid Floor, Tower 19, Middle Floor
No.1 Beacon Hill Road
HKD$39 Millions @26,878
monthly repayment: HKD$92,471
1,451 ft² 4 2 South
due south Fireworks View 4-bedroom suite with parking space
Ho Man Tin Ultima High Floor
23 Fat Kwong Street
HKD$65 Millions @41,244
monthly repayment: HKD$154,118
1,576 ft² 4 4
Flat D,Higher Floor,Block 8,Phase 1,Ultima
4 hours ago posted
Ho Man Tin Mantin Heights High Floor
28 Sheung Shing Street
HKD$46.3 Millions @31,347
monthly repayment: HKD$109,779
1,477 ft² 4 4
Flat A,Higher Floor,Block 7,Mantin Heights
4 hours ago posted
Ho Man Tin La Salle Residence
6 La Salle Road, Kowloon Tong
HKD$128 Millions @32,421
monthly repayment: HKD$303,495
3,948 ft²
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon luxury property for sale
Ho Man Tin Asjoe Mansion Unit B, High Floor
No.2 Ho Man Tin Hill Road
HKD$32 Millions @16,985
monthly repayment: HKD$75,873
1,884 ft² 4 3 South west
key plate with rooftop
6 hours ago posted
New mortgage plan - P Plan
P = 5.875 %
interest rate
Actual rate
Cash Rebate
Penalty Years

Bank enquiry Tel: 27488080

Updated: 2024-04-06

New mortgage plan - H Plan
H = 4.480 %
interest rate
Actual rate
Cash Rebate
Penalty Years

Bank enquiry Tel: 27102288

Updated: 2024-04-06