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About 浩景台 6座, 葵涌

浩景台 6座 is a/an 屋苑 located at 葵涌. 浩景台 6座 was built in 1999 consists of 31 floors and has a total of 248 units. 浩景台 6座 is located in School Net 65.

Nearby schools:

葵涌循道中学, 东华三院高可宁纪念小学, 岭南钟荣光博士纪念中学, 迦密爱礼信中学, 善正幼稚园

Nearby public transportation:

荔岗街, 浩景台3座对面 (专线小巴), 荔岗街, 浩景台1座对出 (专线小巴), 荔岗街, 浩景台1座对面 (专线小巴), 下葵涌分科诊所 (巴士), 下葵涌分科诊所 (巴士)

Nearby medical/hospital/clinics:

下葵涌普通科门诊诊所, 葵涌老龄精神科门诊部暨照顾者支援中心, 葵涌医院