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District select: North Point Mid
North Point Mid Flora Garden Middle Floor
50 Cloud View Road
HKD$9.88 Millions @14,508
monthly repayment: HKD$32,796
681 ft² 3 2
Flat A4,Middle Floor,Flora Garden (Npml),Flora Garden (Npml)
North Point Mid Pacific Palisades High Floor
1 Braemar Hill Road
HKD$40 Millions @26,631
monthly repayment: HKD$94,842
1,502 ft² 4 3
Flat A,Higher Floor,Block 07,Phase 1,Pacific Palisades
16 hours ago posted
North Point Mid Tempo Court Middle Floor
4 Braemar Hill Road
HKD$21.5 Millions @19,214
monthly repayment: HKD$61,173
1,119 ft² 3 2
Flat E,Middle Floor,Block B,Tempo Court
North Point Mid Evelyn Towers Low Floor
38 Cloud View Road
HKD$17.8 Millions @16,714
monthly repayment: HKD$50,645
1,065 ft² 3 3
Flat K,Low Floor,Evelyn Towers,Evelyn Towers
North Point Mid Viking Villas High Floor
70 Tin Hau Temple Road
HKD$12.8 Millions @18,286
monthly repayment: HKD$42,489
700 ft² 2 1
Flat 16,High Floor,Viking Villas,Viking Villas
North Point Mid Tempo Court Unit C, High Floor, Block A
4 Braemar Hill Road
HKD$14.98 Millions @15,572
monthly repayment: HKD$49,725
962 ft² 3 2 South east
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North Point Mid Maiden Court Low Floor
No.46 Cloud View Road
HKD$12.8 Millions @17,852
monthly repayment: HKD$42,489
717 ft² 3
Block B, Maiden Court
North Point Mid Broadview Terrace
No.40 Cloud View Road
HKD$25.8 Millions @24,928
monthly repayment: HKD$73,407
1,035 ft² 3 2
Broadview Terrace 3-bedroom 2-bathroom
North Point Mid Kingsford Gardens Room C
202-216 Tin Hau Temple Road
HKD$62 Millions @26,061
monthly repayment: HKD$147,005
2,379 ft² 4 3
Kingsford Gardens 4-bedroom 2-bathroom
North Point Mid Sky Horizon Middle Floor
35 Cloud View Road
HKD$33.8 Millions @33,868
monthly repayment: HKD$80,141
998 ft² 2
Flat A,Middle Floor,Block 2,Sky Horizon
16 hours ago posted
New mortgage plan - P Plan
P = 5.875 %
interest rate
Actual rate
Cash Rebate
Penalty Years

Bank enquiry Tel: 27488080

Updated: 2024-05-17

New mortgage plan - H Plan
H = 4.260 %
interest rate
Actual rate
Cash Rebate
Penalty Years

Bank enquiry Tel: 27102288

Updated: 2024-05-17