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16 results of property for sale
South Horizons Unit G, Mid Floor, Tower 27, Middle Floor
Yi Nam Road
HKD$11.8 Millions @15,882
monthly repayment: HKD$39,169
743 ft² 3 2 South west
"Krystal's first choice for getting on the bus" South Horizons beautiful decoration·Welcome to make
3 hours ago posted
Southern District Residence Bel-Air Unit B, High Floor, South Tower 1, Phase 2
No.38 Bel-air Avenue
HKD$25.8 Millions @28,414 (Gross)
monthly repayment: HKD$73,407
908 ft²(Gross) 2 2
Bel-Air investment·sea view with 1 parking space. Negotiable
3 days ago posted
Southern District Residence Bel-Air Unit A, Low Floor, Tower 8A, Bel-Air No.8, Bel-Air On The Peak
Cyberport Road
HKD$29.5 Millions @28,311
monthly repayment: HKD$83,935
1,042 ft² 3 2
"Be-Air" Bamboo Shoots Team Krystal 91384569
3 days ago posted
Happy Valley Broadwood Twelve Unit B, Mid Floor, Middle Floor
No.12 Broadwood Road
HKD$43 Millions + @33,594
monthly repayment: HKD$101,955
1,280 ft² 3 2 West
Happy Valley⋯Horse view unit. Three-bedroom suite with worker's room
3 days ago posted
Ap Lei Chau Larvotto Unit A, High Floor, Tower 8
8 Ap Lei Chau Praya Road
HKD$23.38 Millions @22,140
monthly repayment: HKD$66,522
1,056 ft² 1 2
Larvotuo Tower 8 Deluxe Decoration and Convenient Neighbourhood good Property
3 days ago posted
Ap Lei Chau Marina South Unit A, Mid Floor, Tower 1, Middle Floor
No. 8 Ap Lei Chau Drive
HKD$100 Millions @53,476
monthly repayment: HKD$237,105
1,870 ft² 5plus 4 South east
South District·Left Bank "Exciting Bamboo Shoots" self-made duplex unit
3 days ago posted
Happy Valley Broadwood Park Unit B, Mid Floor, Middle Floor
No.38 Broadwood Road
HKD$76.8 Millions @31,814
monthly repayment: HKD$182,097
2,414 ft² 3 4 North east
Happy Valley landmark estate! The huge hall and huge room are super practical! Mountain and ocean vi
South Horizons Unit B, Mid Floor, Tower 8, Middle Floor
6 South Horizon Drive
HKD$10.9 Millions @14,690
monthly repayment: HKD$36,182
742 ft² 3 2 North
South Horizons Tower 3 and a half bedrooms! Buy with ocean view!
Wan Chai Royal Court Unit C, Mid Floor, Middle Floor
No.9m Kennedy Road
HKD$14.3 Millions @22,484
monthly repayment: HKD$47,468
636 ft² 3 2 North west
Mid-levels landmark! Beautifully decorated three bedrooms and two bathrooms!
Sai Ying Pun Island Crest Unit E, Low Floor, Tower 1
No.8 First Street
HKD$11.5 Millions @26,682
monthly repayment: HKD$38,174
431 ft² 2 1 South
Good deal for the buyer of Island Crest 2bedroom
Happy Valley Broadwood Twelve Unit A, Mid Floor, Middle Floor
No.12 Broadwood Road
HKD$48 Millions @37,471
monthly repayment: HKD$113,810
1,281 ft² 4 3 South west
Broadwood Twelve is rarely for sale! It’s not just a mediocre sale, it’s just a good choice!
The Peak Evergreen Villa Unit E1, Mid Floor, Block E, Middle Floor
43 Stubbs Road
HKD$35 Millions @22,951
monthly repayment: HKD$82,986
1,525 ft² 3 3 North east
(Exclusive agent Shawn) Songbai New Village is super flat and has great views! Until the owner offer
Wan Chai Convention Plaza Unit 7, Low Floor
No.1 Harbour Road
HKD$9 Millions @16,071
monthly repayment: HKD$29,875
560 ft² 1 1 South
1bedroom good layout in WanChai
South Horizons Unit F, High Floor, Tower 3
6 South Horizon Drive
HKD$7.2 Millions @11,842
monthly repayment: HKD$23,900
608 ft² 2 2 South east
South Horizons
Happy Valley Ventris Terrace Room B, Middle Floor
25-27 Ventris Road
HKD$24.5 Millions @20,763
monthly repayment: HKD$69,709
1,180 ft² 3 2
Ventris Terrace