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Uncle Bo sold shops with HKD 879 million

Squarefoot Editor  2012-11-29  #Property Hit News
Article from There is strong increase in the prices of industrial and commercial properties, and to attract investors to sell goods to cash. Sophisticated investors "shop Wang Deng Chengbo (Borat) recently sold two properties, cash of 879 million HKD. Land Registry data show that on several occasions on behalf of Richfield real estate or the person concerned Huen Po Lo Tai Borat purchases of 529 million HKD to the Lippo Centre, Admiralty Shop No. 4, as well as attic and attic Shop No. 2, the total an area of up to 28,712 square feet, approximately 1.84 million sq ft price. It is understood that the property by the bank about 168 million monthly rental rate of return of 3.8%. Registered buyer FUSUN ENTERPRISES LIMITED, the directors of the Company held by the Company FAIRWIND NOMINEES LIMITED, the person concerned Huen Po of Lo Tai and William Kwan. The news that the new buyers are now called the price of 630 million HKD in the market to put disk. Borat in September 2010, spent 4.0828 billion to CITIC Bank acquired shops hold stocks for about 2 years now, carrying a profit 1.2072 billion, nearly 3 percent appreciation of the property. Hold stocks for about 2 years, carrying 120 million profit In addition, the Land Registry data Borat sell Allway Gardens, Tsuen King Circuit, Phase I and Phase II mall shop about 3.5 billion, involving a gross floor area of about 160,000 square feet, square feet price of approximately $ 2,100. Registered buyer HO CHI YUNG. It is understood that the Allway Gardens mall occupancy rate in excess of 9 percent, is traded parts tenant leased by large supermarket chains, restaurants, and homes for the aged, the monthly rental income of close to 1.3 million, the rate of return in excess of 4% . 350 million Put Allway shop involving 160,000 square feet Borat in early 2008 to about 221.8 million HKD Allway Gardens of the first to the third part of the mall, with 125 parking spaces acquired by the developer Hopewell Holdings, is selling floor carrying a profit in excess of 128,200,000 has closed incur losses door, with car park and the remaining third of the commercial portion of the market valuation of nearly 2 billion projected property in four years recorded a half times a considerable increase. 42-46 Fort Street, North Point, G Shop Nos. 1 and 2, a total of 1,904 square square feet of building area, the transaction price of approximately $ 16.8 million, about $ 8,824 per square foot price. The ZhongHKD (CIS) Liang Weijie buyers for long-term investors, now shops with the intent to rent about 65,000 HKD per month leasing market is expected to return up to 4.6%. The original industry presided goods carrying profit of about 480 million. AP Business Wenxiang Qi said, Mong Kok, Ho King Commercial Centre, 26th Floor, Room 1-3 and 18-19 room turnover, the Fifth Company unit area of approximately 1,080 square square feet, Price Range of about 7,731 square feet, involving an amount of about 835 million. AP Business Hu Cheuk, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Argyle Street Richmond Commercial Building, 22nd Floor, Room 02, No. 109, per unit area of about 649 square square feet, the original owners acquired about 8,243 HKD price per square square feet at the end of October this year, held the goods less than a month of to confirm the identity of transfer and work out for about 8,628 HKD price per square square feet, sold for about 560 million, approximately 4.7% appreciation of the property. Sha Tsui Road industrial buildings divested PPSF 3500 The whole building up a market price, setting off the tide of market divested. Following earlier Tsuen Wan Wong Square shops demolished after sale, market sources pointed out that the region Cheung Hing Shing Centre, 23 Sha Tsui Road holds about 9 percent of the floor owners divested also began yesterday, the same day sold about 40 units with area ranging from 700 to 1,500 square feet, the average unit price of $ 3,500, cash of about 150 million HKD. It is learned that the the property deed warehouse, the whole block of the property with a total gross floor area of about more than 130,000 square feet. The original owners in 2005 to $ 83 million purchase of the above 9 percent floor level of about $ 700 PPSF hold stocks for seven years, per square foot of floor price appreciation of 4 percent, an increase ideal.
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