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Property market stalemate not broken, half real estates having 0 transactions

Squarefoot Editor  2012-11-26  #Property Hit News
Article from Buyers on the market outlook prudent at this stage did not dare to enter the market, so that second-hand trading remains in the doldrums, some owners prefer to cut prices to attract buyers for cash. The Centaline Property Statistics show, Saturday, Day 10 large housing estates recorded a turnover of 11, the same as the number of last weekend, the volume has been five weeks in a row in more than 10 cases of wandering, thinly traded, the impasse is not broken. Half of them estates holding the egg, Hong Kong Island estates meet with a blanket, Taikoo Shing, Kornhill, South Horizons. Centaline Property, president of the Asia-Pacific area residential Alfred Chan Wing-the spicy trick has been introduced has been a month, various estates property surveys have rebounded recently, except for weekends turnover is still rampant at a low level, reflecting the confidence of buyers into the market is still insufficient, do not buy. Hong Kong Island affected by the rainy weather, the scarcity of the Property Browser crowd of South Horizons, has even recorded three consecutive weekends zero turnover, the full month accumulated also only recorded six transactions, the slow pace of turnover. South Horizons three consecutive weekends zero turnover As for Kowloon, Mei Foo Sun Chuen week 6, 1999 4 deal, last week, recorded only a trading situation has improved. The Broadway 47 B Upper area of 623 square square feet, sold for 4.188 million HKD, 6,722 HKD PPSF. Get started in January in 11 years, the owners of 3.232 million HKD to buy a book profit of 956,000 HKD, net of taxes and administrative fees net profit of about 65 million. Kowloon some owners recently said that before the end of the year due to liquidity and wish to "shipping", then choose to cut prices to attract buyers or tie departure. Shining Heights branch sales manager of Hong Kong Property Services, said Zhang Zhongxian, Tai Kok Tsui ALLAN Habitat senior, construction area of 1,620 square square feet, it is learned that the original owners of the original asking price of $ 17.5 million, the final reduction of 1.9 million HKD, or 10.8%, to 15.6 million per transaction. The original owners purchased for $ 14.8 million in May this year, to pay 156 million of additional stamp duty (SSD), a book loss of about 76 million. Tai Kok Tsui Shining reduces 10% for transaction Midland Realty Central Park Towers, Yuen Long Branch Assistant Regional Manager Lican Jiang said, due to the increase in recent owners bargaining space, plus hot recruit a relatively small impact on the home market-based Penny House, Kingswood Villas is also recorded turnover, 10 Kenswood low H room, an area of about 704 square feet, about 285 million changed hands, equivalent ft price of approximately $ 4,048. The original owners in August 1997 to about 3.01 million HKD to purchase the property, 97 stocking recorded about 16 million eclipse is resale let. Lam Ying-kit, head of Wells Property Branch, Siu Lun Court, Block F, the lower room, construction area of 515 square feet, 401 square feet of salable area, the original owners put disk less than two weeks the cumulative discounted 20 million, have been on the train passengers " Air that bought the $ 220 million purchase, the unit original owners about $ 1.5 million to purchase the above address on October 10, changed hands a book profit of 700,000. Another agency Midland Realty statistics, last weekend, fifteen large blue-chip estates recorded a transaction volume of about 18, an increase of about 50% compared with the previous week, rebounded significantly after the two-week low rampant. 10 large housing estates Statistics recorded 17 transactions rose approximately 54.5% over the previous weekend, October 27, the Government launched the double spicy strokes since the weekend volume.
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