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Prices index edged up,owners discounted prices let sale

Squarefoot Editor  2013-07-20  #Property Hit News
Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Wong KaMing) Property prices in the delisting by the U.S. Federal Reserve led the pace continued to narrow fluctuations.Centa-City Leading Index (CCL) latest reported 120.14 points,edged up 0.37% by week. Although property prices edged up,but volatile market conditions,coupled with the new property attack,the secondary market there have been many cases of reduction.There are owners eager to cash in Tuen Mun,one time lower than the market price to sell Lung Mun Oasis;property in Hong Kong Island which have a strong force on hold stocks,the owner willing to discount $400,000 HKD let sale in Kornhill Quarry. The delisting of America increased the flexibility in order to stable the market Centaline research means,CCL consecutive 15 weeks at 118 points to 122 points repeatedly wandering,reflecting double stamp duty (DSD)effect,private property prices continued to be the "secondary market of WF HOS"market intervention and the Federal Reserve and other news delisting,prices are expected to continue to adjust,CCL will hover around 120 points.Centaline Senior Research Associate Director Wong Leung shing mean,the Fed statement delisting in mid-June,triggering the global investment market volatility,dragged down 1.79 percent last week,CCL,and they stand before the Fed's flexibility delisting,favorable global investment market,the impact of local building price,to be published in early August CCL beginning to reflect. As for the large estates Centa-City Leading Index (CCL Mass) latest reported 119.82 points,rose 0.6% weekly.Four districts of large estates prices index,Hong Kong Island,Kowloon and the New Territories East raise together,but in the New Territories West fell.HK Island area index was at 126.94 points,raise 1.93 percent by week,an increase of three weeks maximum. Kowloon index was at 121.80 points in 14-week high,raise 0.71 percent by week,the largest increase is also three weeks.NTE index was at 119.34 points,raise 1.62 percent by week,an increase of 18 weeks maximum. The index was at 102.46 points New Territories West hit a 4-week low,fall 2.07 percent by week,or 12 weeks maximum. Lung Mun Oasis sold in 1 time lower than the market prices Where the owners eager to cash in Tuen Mun,a ont time lower than the market price to sell Lung Mun Oasis.Centraline Hui Xui said the Lung Mun Oasis Room 6,Lower Floor,Tower 6,construction area of ​​704 feet and 592 feet of salable area to sell $2.18 million HKD,lower than the mmarket price of 10%,equivalent to an average price of $3,682 HKD per practical feet.Original owners bought the unit in green form HOS pricesin 1999 to $805,000 HKD,occupied so far. In addition,AP Lai Qing Qing said Tsuen Wan Allway Gardens Block B,Room 7,middle floor,construction area of ​​524 feet and 461 feet of usable area,the original owners asking price $3.2 million HKD in two months ago,tired by $ 2.2 million,or 6.9% to $2.98 million HKD turnover,practical ft $6,464 HKD.Original owners acquisition the property in January 2007 to 1.028 million HKD. KORNHILL 594 feet households discounted $400,000 In general,property in Hong Kong Island hosted strong force,but has also begun to select the level of selling cash.Centraline Yeung Man Kit said Kornhill Quarry Lower Block D, Room 12,594 feet of usable area,the original owners of the original asking price $6.3 million HKD,the final sale sell $400,000 to $5,900,000 HKD,a decrease of 6.3%,practical ft $9,933 HKD,equivalent to the estate two bedroom flats ft.Original owners purchase the unit in $2.15 million HKD in October 2004,changed hands by earnung $3.75 million HKD. Subject to the "secondary market of WF HOS" touted by the HOS market now discounted.AP Ho Ka Hosaid Lung Poon Court in Diamond Hill,Room 16,lower floor,block C,usable area 353 feet.Owners originally asking price of about $3.5 million HKD,but lack of intention to undertake the HOS market price with the gradual decline,the intended price fell to $3.16 million HKD days before,$340,000 or 9.7% reduction,finally got prospective buyers of the same district to undertake it,practical ft price of $8,952 HKD.
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