Steps to relocating


Step 1: First things first

Don't panic! Start by making some preliminary decisions, determining such things as your time frame and service requirements. If you are relocating at the request of your company, you should find out what your relocation benefits are from your company relocation policy.

Step 2: Should it stay or go?

Next, go through your belongings to determine what you want to take with you (and whether you will need it), place into storage, and dispose of.

Step 3: Call in the experts

Having determined which of your belongings will actually come with you, contact the experts and arrange for an in-home survey and consultation. Together, you will determine the moving plan that best suits your needs.

Step 4: Protect your belongings

After you and your consultant have decided how to transport your belongings, go through them again, this time gauging the value of all the items you will be keeping. Thereafter, you can fill out a valued inventory to protect your belongings.

Step 5: Make your travel plans

Once you've set a moving date, make your travel arrangements, including temporary accommodation at the origin and destination.

Step 6: Organise your paperwork

It is imperative that you begin to take care of all the required documentation as soon as possible. This includes visa applications, passport renewals, customs forms and change of address notices.

Step 7: Set a little something aside

Before moving day, set aside all items that are not to be shipped. This ought to include your passport and other important documents, tickets, money and jewelry.

Step 8: Moving Out

On moving day, it's vital that either you or an authorised representative are there for the duration, to verify the count and condition of belongings in relation to the packing inventory, as well as deal with the moving team.

Step 9: Arriving in your new country

Once you arrive at your new home, contact your relocation company to arrange delivery of your belongings to comfortably start settling in. If you are not able to move into your new home immediately, your relocation company can help find temporary accommodation and storage for your possessions, as well as assist in ensuring their safekeeping.

Step 10: Moving In

You've selected your new house, made all the necessary arrangements, and finally it's time to take delivery of your belongings! The moving company will make sure everything is put in its correct place and remove the packing materials as they go.


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