Moving Checklist



1. Have you notified others of your change of address?

  • Post office – for mail redirection
  • Financial institutions (to transfer and close accounts)
  • Electoral Registrar
  • Taxation department
  • Leasing company
  • Insurance company (to transfer or terminate household insurance)
  • Life insurance company
  • Car insurance company
  • Health insurance company
  • School Principal (to obtain a letter regarding the status of your children in school)
  • Shops and stores where you have charge accounts
  • Relatives, friends and regular correspondents
  • Club memberships
  • Publications for subscription
  • Doctor(s) and dentist (to obtain copies of your records)
  • Your lawyer
  • Your place of worship

2. Have you discontinued these services?

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Cable
  • Television
  • Newspaper / Publication delivery
  • Internet subscription

3. Remember to take care of the following:

  • Defrost the refrigerator / freezer and drain all water hoses
  • Disconnect the washing machine and drain water
  • Empty all gas cylinders provided they can be shipped to your destination
  • Arrange for electricity and gas companies to disconnect any fittings from the supply
  • Dispose of unnecessary items
  • Return books, videos, etc.
  • For quarantine purposes wash items such as mowers, garden tools, golf equipment, bicycles
  • Remove your own fixtures and fittings from walls
  • Put important items such as passports and tickets in your personal luggage so they are not accidentally packed.
  • Make sure you do not leave anything at the dry cleaner, shoes at the shoe repair, etc.
  • Are the water heater, main power and gas taps turned off?
  • Arrange for someone to look after your children on the packing days (this can be a stressful time for them)


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