Under Choosing A Moving Company


1.  Pricing for local moves

Movers charge by the hour for local moves. Be aware that according to where you live, prices can vary greatly. Pricing is determined by the floor you live on, the floor you're moving to, whether there is an elevator, the number of boxes you have, and the traffic.

2.   Research the company

The top removal companies offer a fully computerised service. Access to the latest technology, such as internet tracking and tracing of your property will let you follow the process whenever you feel the need.

* Check whether the moving is insured. Most reputable companies will offer some kind of insurance against damage to your goods or the premises.
* Ask friends, neighbours, and co-workers for feedback on companies they've used. There is nothing like a positive recommendation from people you trust.

3.  Get estimates from more than one company

Once you have found some reliable companies, ask for a free estimate. You can ask for someone to come to your home for an accurate estimate. However, beware of movers who refuse to perform on-site estimates as it's not a good sign.

If you are moving long distance, you will certainly want to obtain an in-person estimate.


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