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This 2,500sf circular footprint poses a challenge to fully and optimally utilize the floor space while the streamline and all walls gently curve to embrace you in its curves are certainly the upside.
The “Je ne Sais Quoi” of this project provides a balance between sophistication a variety of different styles, incorporating bold new styles that blend seamlessly with more traditional design to create a chic and a la mode palette.
The French interiors have this allure by creating spaces that integrate original flair with small insinuations of splendor, reflecting the client’s genuine desires and passions.  Things seem natural, they have incorporated the old with the new and letting unique pieces complement one another and stand together –not “matching”.
We allowed cornices, moldings, and making beautiful antique distressed mirrors from new mirrors, faux fireplace (of course) and curtains with puddling in vintage velvet.
To create a balance with classic architecture, we decided to reflect a modern narrative through interior design, the hall and bedrooms, works of art adorn the walls and the white and gray background help to highlight the true character of the space bathed in natural light.


2500 平方呎