PplusP Designers Ltd
PplusP Designers Ltd (P+P) is a young and rising design firm based in Hong Kong. Our practice produces high quality and innovative solutions through the synthesis of interior design and project management. Led by Wesley Liu, P+P brings together the creative mind of Wesley Liu and his experience in various design fields. The team includes architects, interior designers and graphic artists whom all share a common passion for design.

picP+P transcends beyond the scope of a design studio, providing multidisciplinary services across multiple industries, such as ART INSTALLATION, CORPORATE DESIGN, HOTEL, HOSPITALITY, RESTAURANTS, and RETAIL. The studio represents a collection of expertise from different divisions of the design discipline, hence opening up to a wider scope of conceptual ideas and possibilities.

P+P operates on the methodology of a discreet and personal service. This is coherent with the multidisciplinary structure of the studio as our approach is REPONSE–ABLE, FLEXIBLE to the changing needs of each client. At P+P we pride ourselves in delivering spaces and experiences that derive from the disciplines assembled within the studio and those of our clients.

Website: www.ppluspdesigners.com | Email: passion@ppluspdesigners.com
Tel: +852 3590 3340

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Residential Projects

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