Market News

BloggersWeakening Hong Kong dollar dampens the property market

The HKD has been falling continuously, close to hitting 7.85 per U.S. dollar, the lower limit of its trading band

PropertyInterpreting recent fine-tuning in China's housing policies

There has been speculations of a property price reversion in China this year. How can we interpret this?

LifestyleThe serenity of Peng Chau, and selected properties

Peng Chau is an oasis where you can relax and get away from the urban hustle and bustle


The text is available in Chinese only.

PropertySharing the wealth

Paul Chan delivers his budget speech under the cloud of a huge cash surplus, but where will it go?

BloggersEvading the devaluation of the Hong Kong dollar

In early February, the Hong Kong stock market plummeted following the plunge of U.S. stocks.

BloggersThe suppressed property market surge

Political and financial climate suppresses property market surge

PropertyMacau's new housing tax rules take effect

The Macau government has introduced the new stamp duty tax rule and the revised mortgage-lending rule

PropertyMortgage restrictions should be eased

Mortgage restrictions should be eased to aid citizens in buying properties