Market News

BloggersThe housing market may cool down as public debate unfolds

Developers are already abandoning their usual sales tactic of keeping the housing supply scarce

PropertyInvesting responsibly

Investing with a conscience may be a new trend, but it’s one that’s not going away any time soon

PropertyLow cost, low risk

A balanced portfolio need not be the purview of UHNWIs for creative investors

PropertyThe weakening HKD gives warnings signs to homebuyers

The HKD has been repeatedly hitting the lower limit of its trading band, resulting in HKMA interventions

PropertyWorth the effort?

Even with first quarter gains, no end in sight for cooling measures and lowest global residential yield

BloggersWeakening Hong Kong dollar dampens the property market

The HKD has been falling continuously, close to hitting 7.85 per U.S. dollar, the lower limit of its trading band

PropertyInterpreting recent fine-tuning in China's housing policies

There has been speculations of a property price reversion in China this year. How can we interpret this?

LifestyleThe serenity of Peng Chau, and selected properties

Peng Chau is an oasis where you can relax and get away from the urban hustle and bustle