Hong Kong

BloggersGovernment’s responsibility to “Get the Flour”

Government would be willing to build more affordable housing as long as there’s land for it

PropertyFantasy or reality?

Hong Kong’s land shortage is a subject continually up for debate

BloggersThe long-missed 100% mortgage plan

These plans mainly target younger adults who would otherwise have to rely on their parents to buy a house.

LifestyleAntique fantastique

Vintage lovers, this one’s for you. We gather some of the most unique antique pieces around.

PropertyBuilding success

Crowned RICS’ Young Surveyor of the Year 2018, Ryan Wong, on his pathway to a successful profession.

PropertyEighth time lucky?

The government has levied a new vacancy tax to cool the housing market. Will it work?

PropertyAre property agencies finally shaping up?

Alluring properties are advertised (often at below-market prices) to attract home seekers.

PropertyCrystal clear

Investor demand for real estate transparency is increasing and markets are rising to the challenge.

PropertyHong Kong's property market: A Journey through time

3 property industry movers and shakers put Hong Kong's property landscape under the microscope and forecast the future