Emagazine Issue 293

PropertyImpacts of the continuous price limit policy in Shenzhen

Developers are highly reluctant to sell their new luxury homes located in high-quality residential areas.

LifestyleThings to know before moving into Ho Man Tin

The 600 new HOS flats on Sheung Lok Street will be available for sale as early as next year.

LifestyleHo Man Tin: A Confluence of Advantages

As a traditionally upscale area, Ho Man Tin is undoubtedly a wonderful neighbourhood to live in.

LifestyleBeneath the layers

How A Work of Substance united fine French cuisine with street art in restaurant Bibo.

LifestyleA dragon among mortals

Scott Myklebust speaks out about improving the Tai Tam Dam.

BloggersCreative Education

Students of interior design need to analyse current trends and look beyond them to envisage designs of the future.

PropertyEvolving Doors

The transaction process has become complicated and costly for Asian property buyers in prime market.

LifestyleHo Man Tin: The pride of residential history

Ho Man Tin is considered one of the traditionally upscale residential neighbourhoods in Hong Kong.

BloggersHow Much Is the Public Willing to Sacrifice for Land Supply?

Hong Kong needs 800 hectares of land for development in the next ten years.