BloggersRising debt-to-income ratio may induce price drop

Debt-to-income ratio is set to rise, which is likely to trigger a fall in housing prices.

PropertyThe Exotic Lamma Island

Contrary to what you might have imagined, living on outlying islands doesn’t mean seclusion.

BloggersNansha primary property market under a dual zone effect

Nansha enjoys the policy support of both free trade zones and the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong.

BloggersGovernment’s responsibility to “Get the Flour”

Government would be willing to build more affordable housing as long as there’s land for it

LifestyleLife in Central

Housing supply pulls short in Central, and large estates are extremely rare

LifestyleTouch of pink

This home in Jardine's Lookout is the perfect place for a retiree to spend quality time with her extended family.

PropertyFantasy or reality?

Hong Kong’s land shortage is a subject continually up for debate

BloggersThe long-missed 100% mortgage plan

These plans mainly target younger adults who would otherwise have to rely on their parents to buy a house.

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Vintage lovers, this one’s for you. We gather some of the most unique antique pieces around.