BloggersLogistics warehouse prospects vary across Mainland China

The average rent of quality logistics warehouses has been rising over the past few years.

BloggersSolid growth in the Shenzhen hotel industry

According to the data from Smith Travel Research, Shenzhen's overall hotel industry has performed well in July 2018.

BloggersNansha primary property market under a dual zone effect

Nansha enjoys the policy support of both free trade zones and the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong.

PropertyTrade games

What does an official trade war between the US and China mean for Hong Kong and the property market?

BloggersNow is the to invest in Hengqin, but mind the pitfalls

Great connectivity to Macao and HK will provide energy and resources for the city’s development.

BloggersOpportunities in Dongguan's property market

Dongguan City’s land sales have gained satisfactory results in recent years

PropertyHKRI—Marking their 40th year milestone

The developers who created Discovery Bay look ahead to a brighter future.


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PropertyHong Kong’s challenges under the Greater Bay Area

The integration of the Greater Bay Area is currently the biggest challenge.

BloggersThe Greater Bay Area Offers BETTER Housing Opportunities

Hong Kong will be more closely connected to mainland China than ever in the near future.