BloggersComplaints from agents call for license fee reform

Agents were rallied to send complaint letters to the EAA, demanding the withdrawal of a recent PSA.

BloggersArtificial islands will ease land shortage

Land shortage crisis has become a destabilising factor that the government simply cannot ignore any longer.

BloggersLogistics warehouse prospects vary across Mainland China

The average rent of quality logistics warehouses has been rising over the past few years.

BloggersSolid growth in the Shenzhen hotel industry

According to the data from Smith Travel Research, Shenzhen's overall hotel industry has performed well in July 2018.

Bloggers“High mortgage” plans: A double-edged sword?

Facing a new interest rate environment, should buyers choose high mortgage plans to secure properties?

BloggersHousing prices are dropping, but a nosedive is unlikely

Hong Kong banks are finally raising interest rates for the first time in 12 years

BloggersRising debt-to-income ratio may induce price drop

Debt-to-income ratio is set to rise, which is likely to trigger a fall in housing prices.

BloggersNansha primary property market under a dual zone effect

Nansha enjoys the policy support of both free trade zones and the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong.