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Stephen Or

Mr. Or is the executive director of Century 21 - Hilltop Property Agency and a member of Professional Development Committee of Estate Agents Authority with an expertise in property market.

BloggersTrade War can Do More Damage

As the first rounds of new tariffs are placed, both US-China will be negatively affected.

BloggersThe housing market may cool down as public debate unfolds

Developers are already abandoning their usual sales tactic of keeping the housing supply scarce

PropertyBigger Steps Should Be Taken to Help Homeowners Switch Flats

The amendment bill enables authorities to impose a fixed 15% tax on non-first-time homebuyers.

BloggersGreen Form HOS Flats Are Approaching the TEN Million Mark

Hong Kong’s home prices continue to increase against this unstable financial backdrop.

BloggersWhat Do Record-Breaking Land Prices Mean to Home Seekers?

There are lots of old walk-ups awaiting renewal which the prices have gone up so much.

BloggersHow Much Is the Public Willing to Sacrifice for Land Supply?

Hong Kong needs 800 hectares of land for development in the next ten years.

PropertyThe weakening HKD gives warnings signs to homebuyers

The HKD has been repeatedly hitting the lower limit of its trading band, resulting in HKMA interventions

BloggersWho's to blame for land shortage?

It would be unfair to simply blame it on the government's incompetence

BloggersMaking home buying choices amidst interest hikes

Once Hong Kong's money supply starts to shrink, interest and mortgage rates are expected to rise

BloggersWeakening Hong Kong dollar dampens the property market

The HKD has been falling continuously, close to hitting 7.85 per U.S. dollar, the lower limit of its trading band