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Stephen Or

Mr. Or is the executive director of Century 21 - Hilltop Property Agency and a member of Professional Development Committee of Estate Agents Authority with an expertise in property market.

BloggersArtificial islands will ease land shortage

Land shortage crisis has become a destabilising factor that the government simply cannot ignore any longer.

BloggersRising debt-to-income ratio may induce price drop

Debt-to-income ratio is set to rise, which is likely to trigger a fall in housing prices.

BloggersThe long-missed 100% mortgage plan

These plans mainly target younger adults who would otherwise have to rely on their parents to buy a house.

PropertyNew developments test the public’s home-buying abilities

Rate gap between Hong Kong and the US will probably resulting in the long-overdue rate hike in Hong Kong.

BloggersTrade War can Do More Damage

As the first rounds of new tariffs are placed, both US-China will be negatively affected.

BloggersThe housing market may cool down as public debate unfolds

Developers are already abandoning their usual sales tactic of keeping the housing supply scarce

PropertyBigger Steps Should Be Taken to Help Homeowners Switch Flats

The amendment bill enables authorities to impose a fixed 15% tax on non-first-time homebuyers.

BloggersGreen Form HOS Flats Are Approaching the TEN Million Mark

Hong Kong’s home prices continue to increase against this unstable financial backdrop.

BloggersWhat Do Record-Breaking Land Prices Mean to Home Seekers?

There are lots of old walk-ups awaiting renewal which the prices have gone up so much.

BloggersHow Much Is the Public Willing to Sacrifice for Land Supply?

Hong Kong needs 800 hectares of land for development in the next ten years.