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PropertyFull circle with Wan Chai

This cosmopolitan neighbourhood boasts premium location and an ultra-convenient transport network

LifestyleThings to know before moving into Wan Chai

Find out what is it about the Wan Chai District which makes the locals tick

LifestyleThe traditions of “Kau Cim”

Certain cultural customs and traditions may be slowly disappearing in the modern city, but...

LifestyleExperiencing Chinese New Year in Hong Kong 2018

In Hong Kong, CNY is the most celebrated and festive holiday on the ...

PropertyThe declining supply of low-priced properties

With property prices rising rapidly, are there even any low-priced properties left in the market?

PropertyOpportunities and Challenges of The Belt and Road Intiative

Launched in 2013 and involving a total investment of more than US$100 billion, the Belt and Road Initiative focuses...