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PropertyHow have other countries tackled housing affordability?

With Sydney now the second least affordable city globally, how is the rest of the world tackling this issue?

PropertyHow to buy property overseas

The first step is finding out if you can buy where you want to...

PropertyWhat do people do with the houses they buy overseas?

What is the motivation behind the sales, and how many people are buying?

Lifestyle5 tech gadgets for the home that you’ll definitely want

5 best and brightest home gadgets unveiled at annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

LifestyleMan builds Pyramid Of Giza replica for his family to live in

Former garage owner Jim Onan built a scaled replica of the Pyramids of Giza for his family to live in.

LifestyleSmall & tiny homes: Why less can be more

What’s all the recent fuss about ‘downsizing’, which is trending across the US and the UK?

PropertyTake a peek inside Australia’s small homes

As modern life continues to speed up, many Australians are choosing to take on a smaller mortgage, spending less time...

PropertyWhat should your Australian property strategy be in 2017?

REA spoke to Australian property experts to see what buyers, sellers, investors and renters should focus on in 2017.

PropertyWill prices of Australian property continue to grow in 2017?

Strong house price growth dominated the Australian property market in 2016, can we expect the same in 2017?

PropertyWhat will affect the Australian property market in 2017?

Let's look at what to expect in the Australian property market in 2017, what are the issues that will affect it?