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Nicole A. Shi

Nicole is an editor at With experience in television, film and publishing, Nicole shares her thoughts on entertainment, lifestyle, and food and drink. In her spare time, Nicole is a devoted dog parent.

Video ChannelShau Kei Wan-A Fusion of Culinary Delights and Culture

In recent years, Shau Kei Wan is being given a facelift as old properties are acquired by developers for redevelopment.

LifestyleConsiderations when Renting a Home in Hong Kong

You are an expat who have gotten a job appointment in Hong Kong, one of your major tasks is to find appropriate housing.

LifestyleExperiencing Chinese New Year in Hong Kong 2017

As an expat spending your first year in Hong Kong, the idea of celebrating CNY can be quite foreign to you......

PropertyHong Kong Property Stamp Duties Explained

When planning to purchase a property, you need to be aware of and understand the 3 different types of stamp duties...

LifestyleAn Overview of School Net 11–Central and Western District

School Net 11 is one of the largest on the Island and is located in the Central and Western District.

LifestyleServiced Apartments Perfect for Viewing Fireworks

Wouldn’t it be a bonus if the serviced apartment also offers an open and panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour...