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Eric Lee

As chairman and Executive director of Century 21 Goodwin Property, Mr. Lee is an expert in property market forecast.

BloggersLand shortage problem calls for a multifaceted solution

The government should work on injecting some hope into our future land supply situation

BloggersThe property market sees an early sales bump

The year has barely begun, and the stock market already hit a historic high with the real estate market also heating up

PropertyThe Devil is in the Details: Easing Mortgage Restrictions

As Carrie Lam emphasised homeownership issues in her 2017 Policy Address, various financial officers have changed...

PropertyReal Estate Market Outlook 2018

Another year has come and gone. Luckily, the financial market didn’t suffer any major setbacks that some had feared.

PropertyThe High Stakes Involved in Purchasing Haunted Houses

As property prices continue to rise and the secondary market supply starts to shrink, unoccupied properties are...

PropertyHIBOR hike likely to trigger mortgage lending rates

Recently, mortgage loan interest rates are mostly a one-month Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (HIBOR), plus 1.3-1.4%..

PropertyUse of public housing should depend on market demand

Following Carrie Lam’s Policy Address which announced Lam’s new housing policies, Lam said in a recent interview...

PropertyStarter Homes plan off to a bad start

The much anticipated 2017 Policy Address came out on October 11, however, the government’s new housing policies...

PropertyRisks to consider when buying property overseas

We all know that investing in overseas real estate can be much riskier than buying property in places we are familiar..