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Eric Lee

As chairman and Executive director of Century 21 Goodwin Property, Mr. Lee is an expert in property market forecast.

PropertyStarter Homes plan off to a bad start

The much anticipated 2017 Policy Address came out on October 11, however, the government’s new housing policies...

PropertyRisks to consider when buying property overseas

We all know that investing in overseas real estate can be much riskier than buying property in places we are familiar..

PropertyHow to make the Starter Homes scheme beneficial

When the topic of the Starter Homes scheme first surfaced, it instantly became the talk of the town.

PropertySolving the housing dilemma with supply increase

Hong Kong’s soaring home prices have made it near impossible for young Hongkongers to become home owners...

PropertyThe Greater Bay Area presents rare opportunities (II)

Many infrastructure projects are in construction to push for integration of the Greater Bay Area...

PropertyThe Greater Bay Area presents rare opportunities (I)

The opportunities posed by the Greater Bay Area has been a hot topic, as evidenced by a string of talks...

PropertyProperty market outlook for the second half of 2017

We have just passed the half-year mark of 2017. In the first half of this year, the overall property market...

Property20 years of market change put in a historical context

Hong Kong just celebrated the 20th anniversary of the handover. In the past two decades, the city’s real estate...

PropertyRisks on buying properties overseas with lack reference

As the property price hike continues, the housing price index is also reaching new heights. However...

PropertyComparison of primary and secondary markets

Past weekend saw two new developments located in Tsuen Wan and Kai Tak enter the market to an extremely warm reception..