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Eric Lee

As chairman and Executive director of Century 21 Goodwin Property, Mr. Lee is an expert in property market forecast.

BloggersCommission Rebates are Threatening Quality of Services

Many people are mistaken in thinking that commission rebate is illegal.

BloggersThe Greater Bay Area Offers BETTER Housing Opportunities

Hong Kong will be more closely connected to mainland China than ever in the near future.

BloggersPricey? Tiny? Cramped? It’s Your Land, So Use Your Voice

The Task Force on Land Supply has just released a report offering 18 different land supply options.

BloggersFor housing supply to be met, bureaucracy needs reform

The issue of housing was undoubtedly a hot topic once again in LegCo last month

BloggersThe suppressed property market surge

Political and financial climate suppresses property market surge

BloggersLand shortage problem calls for a multifaceted solution

The government should work on injecting some hope into our future land supply situation

BloggersThe property market sees an early sales bump

The year has barely begun, and the stock market already hit a historic high with the real estate market also heating up