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Dr. Keith Yiu

After graduating from Sydney University in 2007, Dr. Keith Yu came straight back to Hong Kong to practice his favorite profession as a vet. Now working at Tai Wai Small Animal and Exotic Hospital, he is most interested in Surgery, especially Orthopedic.

Facebook contact: /drkeith.yiu

LifestyleDegenerative arthritis in pets

Degenerative arthritis is a condition when there is an increase in wear and tear in a joint, and that the cartilage...

LifestyleThe End of the Road

This is not an easy topic, but a frequently asked question. It is also a question, we as veterinarians need to ask...

LifestyleHead Tilt in Rabbits

Head tilts in pet rabbits are a common condition and may present as a mild case without much other complication...

LifestyleCat Behavior

Scratching is one of the normal behaviors of being a cat; however, this also sometimes causes trouble in the house...

LifestyleOsteosarcoma: Bone Tumour in Dogs

Tumours that involve musculoskeletal system are often challenging both medically and in...

LifestyleWhat Happens if Your Dog has Tick Fever?

Tick fever is a disease that causes anaemia (low in red blood cells) and fever in dogs.

LifestyleOral Lump in Pets

This article contains some disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

LifestylePancreatitis in Pets

Vomiting and anorexia combined is one of the most common reasons for owners......

LifestyleCommon Emergency

When we say an emergency condition, we mean that the patient needs attention asap, or else...

LifestylePet Dentistry

Why does veterinary dental cost so much? Does dental without general anaesthetics work?