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Boss Interiors proves there are good reasons to shop locally

Specialising in all aspects of project management and interior design for residential, commercial and retail clientele, the team at Boss Interiors brings a keen, homegrown awareness of Hong Kong’s particular and sometimes peculiar spaces to its work. It’s given Boss an opportunity to work on a broad spectrum of properties, from The Cullinan to Sorrento. Square Foot talks with Boss’s boss, Daniel Wong.

A lot of designers working here have relocated to Hong Kong from other parts of the world. Does being from Hong Kong originally give you a different perspective on designing spaces and client needs?
It most definitely does. By being a local designer we gain a competitive edge because we truly understand the various living styles and needs of the local people. Our designs are therefore able to meet their expectations perfectly.

Your work ranges from ornate to modern to classical. Would you say one defines your style as a studio?
Actually, I would say our designs, our “style” if you will, tend to sit somewhere between modern and classic. I say classic in the sense that it’s timeless and because of its eternal elegance and way in which it merges with modern styles that make the designs more compatible to specific needs and the dayto- day living demands of our clients. The outcome of the blending of these two elements is therefore something that’s elegant, practical, and durable in terms of both technical details and appearance.

What is the most challenging part of designing interiors in Hong Kong?
Hands down the biggest challenge for a designer is in utilising the minimum amount of space to create the maximum potential — to exploit the maximum number of possibilities from it. I believe it’s a factor that allows us to really be able to stand out in a competitive market like Hong Kong. As you said, a lot of designers have relocated here and as a result it’s now a city where so many famous and talented designers are available.

Your provide space planning and artwork consultation and everything in between. Is there an advantage to controlling every aspect of a design project down to the smallest detail?
We provide one-stop-service for interior designs and furnishing in order to be consistent with our service concept: Design and build. To turn an intangible concept into tangible results, to realise the imaginary … There are lots of complications to be taken into consideration. These complications include, but are not limited to, communications, safety issues and feasibility. We are very professional in every respect so that the “product” is not only consistent with the concept but also superb in quality.