D-Lightful Meet D-Dsign’s Dee Corus

D-Lightful Meet D-Dsign’s Dee Corus

D-Dsign takes modern light to bright new heights

It may look all white all the time, but multi-lingual Hong Kong studio D-Dsign is about much more than just futuristic spaces and Bauhaus lines. Square Foot talks with Swiss-trained Dee Corus of

Why did you open a studio in Hong Kong?
Interior design simply has been my passion all my life. I started building small paper houses for my toys at the age of 3. I think it is a lot of fun and my greatest pleasure is to transform something poor and ugly into a lovely, bright new home or office. I discovered that the demand in Hong Kong is much higher than in Europe. Some buildings need renovation after only 10 years. Tastes differ and many new owners like to redecorate according to their own dreams.

Can you tell us a little bit about your white aesthetic? What inspired it?
Our aesthetics are not limited to white. Our slogan is all about WHITE, LIGHT and BRIGHT. In a dense city with small flats, we need a place to retreat and feel happy and relaxed. No matter how big or small your home how you feel in it is significant. We want to create a happy and light feeling [so] our preference goes to light colours. White is very modern, clean and light. It matches with all kinds of colour accents … Nowadays we use less hanging or standing lamps, and more installed spots and indirect lights in the floor, walls and ceilings, which are more hygienic, energy saving, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. A finishing touch is sunlight [getting] as much access as possible through plain windows and the flow of comfortable and dimmable light is guaranteed, matching each situation and mood.

Who are most of your clients? Do families hire you or largely independent residents?
We have them all: single males, single females, couples, couples planning to have a family and families with several children, maids, dogs and cats. All are included into the tailormade design of each home. Our clients are looking for a reliable partner who understands their culture, taste and expectations and speaks their language.

How do you respond to the idea that working in a monochrome is dull?
I do not share this opinion at all. I do not see a dull environment in a monochrome. Each home is very personal and individual and each shows its own accents and design. If the flat or office is small, we recommend light colours because it gives a larger impression. For houses and big residences we like to mix and match with dark colours for floors or furniture. A monochrome home is only the base; we put colour accents with the interior design. A white kitchen, for example, might have accents like a red blender or yellow coffee machine.

What are the challenges in working in so much “light” in Hong Kong, a pretty dirty city?
In Hong Kong, it is pretty easy to deal with the dust. We make an excellent base for our renovated homes with easy to clean floors, walls and ceilings, less hanging lamps, more installed light. Our clients like our tailor-made and built-in cabinets and beds, which are closed and show one surface. Dust is cut down immensely and clients with asthma or sinus problems find themselves in a home where they can breathe easily. We have clients with children and dogs and recommend wellsealed, easy to clean floorings. We also install air cleaners especially made to absorb dust, radioactivity, formaldehydes and other harmful essences and provide our homes with oxygen and essential minerals in return.