The sands of time


CHF2,400,000 (approx. HK$18,900,000) from Parmigiani Fleurier

A breathtaking piece of watchmaking bravura, the exceptional Hippologia draws inspiration from the concept ‘tempus fugit’ or ‘time flies’. Time always runs wild and free, an untameable concept; this gave birth to the mare and foal motif of Hippologia, featuring no less than 2,200 components. One set of mechanism connects to the automaton, another to the time display; the window, set with white and champagne diamonds, shows the hours and minutes over three hours. The ultimate in fine craftsmanship, perfect for an equestrian lover.


Pyramide Prism Clock

HK$9,500 from L’OBJET

This bright clock is elevated by raised studs, delivering a dash of whimsy to whichever room it’s set. Crafted in 24 gold-plated Limoges porcelain, it unobtrusively introduces the time through its gold-flecked lapis blue enamelled clock face, complete with a turquoise stone in its centre. An opulent addition perfect for injecting a hint of Egyptology to your home.



HK$460,000 from MB&F

Weighing just over eight kilograms and standing at nearly 40 centimetres tall, this robotic clock is made up of 618 micro-engineered components. The two discs on its chest displays jumping hours and trailing minutes while its eyes are 20-second retrograde displays. Swivel Balthazar 180 degrees at his torso to reveal his dark side: a cold skull with menacing teeth and a ruby-red gaze, coupled with a moon phase display on his chest accurate for 122 years. His shield hides the key for winding the mainspring and setting the time. A steely marvel of engineering to reflect the duality of man.


Altdeutsche Clock

HK$51,200 from K+I

MOOOI from the Netherlands has created a playful interpretation of an old grandfather clock, with the aesthetic and shape of the classic timepiece but virtually none of the stuffy austerity. Instead, the variety of bright colours and playful patterns modelled after traditional elements are sure to make all ages, cultures and personalities fall in love with this clock. Hand painted, with facet cut glass and a door that opens to a storage compartment, the Altdeutsche chimes on the hour.


Orb Mini Clock

HK$690 from Indigo Living

A piece reminiscent of Hermione Granger’s Time Turner or Lyra Belacqua’s alethiometre. A glass domed front reveals the time piece’s inner mechanisms which in itself can be a source of quiet enjoyment. Glass, polished black and gold combine to make this a fascinating little clock that is as much an object of curiosity as it is an elegant time-teller.


Watch Me Wall Clock

HK$415 from Establo

This time piece designed by Rasmus Gottliebsen was inspired by colour swatches that form a fan when folded out. Gottliebsen maintains that his work isn’t about telling users the exact time but rather a “time colour”—different moods experienced during different times of day. Times passes regardless, but Watch Me adds a touch of humorous colour to life. Available in multi, pink, green and blue.