As clear as water: Clearwater Bay

As summer reaches its peak, what better way to enjoy the full extent of sun, sea, and hiking trails than heading to the eastern tip of the New Territories? Clearwater Bay is a peninsula in the Sai Kung district, separating Junk Bay from Port Shelter. The name is also commonly used to refer to the bay on the eastern shore of the peninsula, located within Clearwater Bay Country Park, as well as the surrounding area near the bay. A laid back strip of village ease and gorgeous outdoors, Clearwater Bay has long been a favourite for families to call home.


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The Sai Kung district boasts various beaches, but the Clearwater Bay itself comprises of two (rather unimaginatively) named Clearwater Bay First Beach and Clearwater Bay Second Beach, with a short stretch of rocky coast separating the two. They are connected by a footpath and steps, and both have public facilities such as toilets, showers and changing rooms, though only Second Beach has a café with refreshments (where you can rent out umbrellas!). For this reason, First Beach is a little more secluded, though perfect if you prefer a quieter atmosphere. With lifeguards on duty, it is perfectly safe to go swimming; after unfortunate shark attacks in 1995, both beaches have had shark nets installed, so rest assured and swim to your heart's content.


The Clearwater Bay Country Park comprises of 615 hectares of rugged terrain which have largely escaped industrial and domestic development. Don’t be intimidated; much of the park trails are comfortable enough for the whole family to walk through. One such walk starts from Tai Hang Tun at the end of Clearwater Bay Road, leading into the country park. Even the little ones can toddle along safely to a barbecue and picnic spot, which is also popular with kite-flyers.

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Another option is the Sheung Sze Wan Family Hike, starting at the entrance across from Sheung Sze Wan and walking up the main hill, from which there are options to head back down or up to the tallest point, or even go all the way to Po Toi O. There’s even a parking lot at the entrance which simplifies transportation. Alternatively, make your way to The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, and head down the trail just alongside its entrance. This leads to a Tin Hau temple, with Joss House Bay on the right, as well as a rock inscription, the oldest dated in Hong Kong and a declared monument. Stairs lead down to the seaside and pier, with plenty of picnic spots.

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Adrenaline junkies should tackle High Junk Peak, one of Hong Kong’s four treacherous peaks. Though steep and daunting, it offers beautiful vistas on both sides. Towering 344 metres above the lowlands, this trail takes hikers to a lookout point on Sheung Yeung Shan. Be prepared for a tough final ascent!


po toi o

Located at the end of Tai O Mun Road, Po Toi O is a traditional fishing hamlet where villagers still pursue the old seafaring trade to this day. Fans of seafood should definitely make the trip, as you can sample catches of the day. There are only a couple of restaurants there, but the grub is delicious, fresh and affordable. Various trails within the Clearwater Bay Country Park lead to Po Toi O, so it’s worth putting this village at the end of the day’s agenda for dinner with a sunset view.

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The Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre is also worth a trip. They house horses and ponies, and offer riding classes in both English and Cantonese. Despite being a private member-based centre, it also has riding options for non-members and boasts a 260-degrees view of the surrounding sea. You can even book riding parties in a cool twist on kids’ celebrations. The other private club in the area is The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, a sprawling facility comprising of three separate sections: the country club, the golf course and club as well as the marina. Apart from the obvious golf and boatyard amenities, the club also offers a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities, several restaurants, and spa and retail services—the perfect place to relax and while the day away should hiking not suit your taste.

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