Things to know before moving into Tuen Mun

tuen mun

Park Noise
Tuen Mun Park is no stranger to loudspeakers used by singing groups and leisure dancers. Their activities and music generates a significant amount of noise that could be a nuisance to those trying to enjoy their time in the park.

River Pollution
For years, Tuen Mun River has been a source of foul odours due to the accumulation of mud and illegal or untreated sewage. The severe water pollution and unpleasant smells negatively affect the daily life of local residents.

Shopping Tour Groups
During weekends and public holidays, mainland tourists arrive by the busloads at Tuen Mun Town Centre through Shenzhen Bay Port for their shopping trips, which crowd up the malls and create inconveniences for local shoppers.

School Net
Tuen Mun’s primary schools belong to school nets No.70 and 71, which includes Lok Sin Tong Leung Wong Wai Fong Memorial School, AD & FD POHL Mrs Cheng Yam On School, Shun Tak Fraternal Association Ho Yat Tung Primary School, Taoist Ching Chung Primary School and more. Its secondary school net belongs to the Tuen Mun District, with schools such as Tuen Mun Government Secondary School, Po Leung Kuk Tang Yuk Tien College, Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School, Shun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Kau Kui College, and Yan Ping Industrial & Commercial Association Lee Lim Ming College, to name a few. The district also has two higher education institutions, Lingnan University and Chu Hai College of Higher Education, as well as international schools Harrow International School Hong Kong and Mount Kelly School Hong Kong.  

Tuen Mun has a string of beautiful beaches, from Butterfly Beach and Castle Peak Bay, to Kadoorie Beach, Cafeteria Beach and the Gold Coast. A number of barbecue sites can be found in Castle Peak Bay, Butterfly Beach Park, Tai Lam and Siu Lam. In addition, the district has no shortage of bike lanes, hiking trails, as well as cultural and leisure facilities such as libraries, gyms, town hall and swimming pools, not to mention a bevy of malls, restaurants and theatres. 


tuen mun

Sun Tuen Mun Centre
Completed in 1990, this sizable housing estate is located on 55-65 Lung Mun Road, and comprises of ten blocks with 3,500 units. Most of the apartments are two- or three-bedrooms with a high efficiency rate of 83%. It has a large public park situated to the front, and occupants are allowed pets in the apartments. Unit 6G in Block 6, with a saleable area of 455 square feet, was recently sold at HK$4.84 million or HK$10,639 per square foot.

tuen mun

Parkland Villas
The two-phase development is located on 1 Tuen On Lane, near Lingnan University and Siu Hong MTR Station on the West Rail Line. Completed in 1999, it has nine blocks with a total of 1,728 units, comprising of mainly two- or three-bedrooms. Unit 14A in Block 9, Phase 2, with a saleable area of 389 square feet, was recently sold at HK$5.23 million or HK$13,445 per square foot.

Chelsea Heights
Located on 1 Shek Pai Tau Path, Chelsea Heights was developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties in two separate phases, and the first one—completed in 1998—consists of six blocks offering 1,600 units, most of which are two- or three-bedroom flats. The development is adjacent to the Tuen Mun MTR Station on the West Rail Line, which has a shopping mall at its base. Unit 1H in Block 3, Phase 1, with a saleable area of 516 square feet, was recently sold at HK$6 million or HK$11,628 per square foot.

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