Overseas investments on the rise

SMARTExpo June 2018

Prices in various districts in Hong Kong are continuously breaking record highs; even a 200-square-foot nano flat can easily cost HK$7 million. A vast portion of citizens, in particular, the younger generation with limited assets, have already given up the hope of ever owning property in Hong Kong. But have you considered what HK$1 million can buy overseas? 

According to REA Group’s 2018 H1 Hong Kong Property Market Perspective Survey, approximately 14% of interviewees plan to buy property overseas within the next year and approximately 60% think overseas property have investment value. Apart from the geographically convenient mainland China, Japan clinches the second spot for the location in which Hongkongers most wish to own property, with approximately 26% of interviewees expressing interest. In third place is Thailand with 19% of votes, and Australia close behind with 17% of Hongkongers wanting to own property there. Taiwan, Canada and the UK each won an upward interest of 10%.

As for purchasing budgets for overseas investment, REA Group research indicates on average property seekers plan to set aside HK$3.9 million, which would only be sufficient for an old small-sized unit in Hong Kong. But one can easily afford a wide choice of new properties with which to collect a steady income of rent overseas. Japan would be a good choice for luxurious units, and for low prices but high return rates, one should look towards Vietnam or Cambodia.

With such varied choices and attractive returns, why not set your sights further?

Offering a spectrum of investment opportunities, SMARTExpo is expo in Hong Kong that presents investors with traditional and alternative investment choices all under one roof. Expect properties from at least 15 countries including the UK, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Germany, China, Vietnam, Japan, Cyprus, USA, Cambodia and more. Regardless of your purchasing motivation, objectives or risk appetite, you will find something to suit you at SMART.  


2-3 June, 2018

Hall 5G, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre