Living smart



Tea & Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock by Barisieur
HK$3,776 from Barisieur

Wake up to the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed tea or coffee and watch as the water is transported through vessels magically. By the time you shake off the vestiges of sleep, there’ll be a hot drink awaiting you on a handcrafted piece of art. Isn’t this how all mornings should be enjoyed? Available in black and white.



iSommelier Pro decanter by iFavine
HK$7,980 from Town House

We all know the most frustrating part of drinking wine is the long decanting times. The iSommelier Pro provides an aeration process so efficient you can decant your wine in minutes instead of hours. It also softens the tannins and enhances the flavours in the wine, and is capable of decanting spirits as well. It also comes with WiFi capability, allowing direct control from your iOS or Android device. 

audio-technica turntable


Automatic Bluetooth Wireless Turntable AT-LP60BT by Audio-Technica
HK$1,650 from HMV

A plug-and-play turntable that you don’t actually have to plug in. The built-in Bluetooth system allows you to stream your vinyl directly to a wireless speaker system. Truly an icon of the 21st century in all its ironic retro-modern glory. Available in black, white and navy.

nostalgia breakfast station


Retro 3-In-1 Family Size Breakfast Station by Nostalgia
HK$427 from Amazon

This attractive kitchen gadget is simultaneously a toaster, a coffee maker and a griddle. Making breakfast should prove to be a breeze, and its retro appearance is sure to put a smile on your face in the mornings. Also available in light blue.

dyson hp03 air purifier


HP03 Air Purifier (Pure Hot+Cool Link™) by Dyson
HK$6,480 from Broadway

Functioning as a heater in winter and a fan in summer, the Dyson Air Purifier captures 99.95% of allergens and pollutants floating around your abode. Automatically monitoring, reacting and purifying, the device also sends you regular air quality reports.
The jet focus function also allows you to choose from a concentrated airflow to a specific area or diffused mode for wider air projection.

inaTrap Inadays


inaTrap Electronic mosquito trap GR336 by Inadays
HK$449 from YOHO

What looks like a high-tech mushroom of Scandinavian design is actually a mosquito killer. It emits minute quantities of carbon dioxide and gives off intermittent lighting, all meant to emulate the breath and warmth of a tasty mammal. Safe and non-toxic, prep your home for bug invasion before the dog days of summer actually hit.