Let there be light

Foglia Guilin lamp

Architect and interior designer Kevin Chu is also a product designer, and the innovations he’s most proud of are his Foglia and Guilin lamps. Manufactured in Italy, the lamps are the world’s first cleansing lamps.

They don’t need electricity, filters or mechanics to filter the air in your home. Working off a proprietary technology that, when exposed to ultraviolet light — like the sun — the surface material decomposes microbes that come into contact. Inspired by leaves (‘foglia’ is leaf in Italian) and Guilin’s distinct hills and using LED light, it sounds crazy, but the photocatalytic material can be applied to any surface in the home, potentially transforming how we live. “I hope this is the future of furniture design, as furniture cannot just look good and serve some basic function but should be intelligent and work for our well-being and environment,” says Chu. They said Galileo was crazy too.