Colour Theory

Belinda Bath study

The best sorts of homes epitomise their owners’ personalities to a T. You might hire the best interior designer in the city, but without a sense of character and individuality, a home can become a sterile place devoid of warmth. This is hardly a problem for Australian photographic stylist Belinda Bath. Step into her 1,400-square-foot Choi Hung home, where she’s lived with her husband and two teenage children for the past five years, and you’ll discover elements of Bath’s life and work emblazoned across the walls, teeming on shelves in the dining room, and ensconced on sideboards in the entryway. Bath’s abode serves unique dual purposes — not only is it a family home, but also a gallery space where clients can peruse her work. Since Bath purchases all of her own styling props, a quick look around might reveal what project Bath has been working on most recently. 

Belinda Bath bed detail

Architect Bill Lykouras, design director at lifestyle property development company Lan Kwai Fong Properties, accepted the project as a favour to the client, who is a personal friend of his. The final design, however, has turned out to be a point of pride in the company’s portfolio. Lykouras worked on the design concept in collaboration with architecture and construction firm XLMS, who also oversaw the project’s execution. The two companies have worked on many projects together in the past, which range from resorts to parks. 

Belinda Bath bedroom detail

“My apartment has an eclectic mix of styles and decor due to the nature of my work,” Bath says. “It gets ‘styled’ on a regular basis according to what I happen to be working on at the time.” She describes her work as “designed with strong coloured themes and put into a montage format”, and the same affinity for colour and collage can be seen in her home’s design: green Buddha heads from local home decor store Thorn and Burrow mingle with prints of a similar hue on a shelf in the dining room, the colours reflecting the terrariums on the table that Bath created herself; metallic market-bought curiosities gather on a dark wood sideboard from G.O.D. in the entryway; while Bath’s office is a carnival of pinks, from the custom made rug and ceramic stool to the artworks. Bath’s home might have emerged organically from the items she collects but her arrangement of said items is the result of careful consideration. The pieces that aren’t incorporated into Bath’s work are beloved by both Bath and her husband to the extent that they plan to take the items with them when they eventually move back to Australia — the Tom Dixon pendant lights in the living room, for instance. 

Belinda Bath lounge

Bath is also a big believer in the power of travel when it comes to interior design, making a point to pick up one object from each destination she’s visited — which are many. Just as with her props and artworks, however, Bath doesn’t simply purchase souvenirs willy-nilly — each has to tell a story. “Whether a small piece of furniture or ornate decor piece, it has to be authentic, nothing touristy,” elaborates Bath. “Like our beautiful bull’s head [decoration] hand made from a special grass in Spain. We met the artist, Javier S. Medina, and were able to view his workshop. It was a special memory of our trip.” 

Although Bath might literally be surrounded by her work, her abode is also a place of relaxation. Having grown up on a farm, Bath has a love of greenery, which is what originally drew her to her apartment’s verdant neighbourhood. Lounging on her comfortable velvet couch — her favourite spot in her home — and taking in the view outside is the perfect respite until it’s time to get her creativity flowing again.