Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Celebrate Valentine’s in advance

It is usually an expensive splurge to do dinner on the day itself. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in advance if possible. Alternatively, head to a restaurant a little further away from the city to get a better-priced romantic meal.


Cook a meal yourself

A great dinner prepared lovingly can often be much more thoughtful and romantic, and it’s also a great way to cut back in your budget. From starters to desserts, cook your significant other their favourite dishes. With a few decorations or garnishing on the plate, paired with a good wine, your Valentine’s can turn out to be an unforgettable one.

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Make a gift yourself


Instead of purchasing a contrived mass-produced trinket, a handmade gift is much more meaningful, and can be a sign of gratitude towards your partner. Most stationery or accessories shops will sell materials for crafting handmade gifts, or you can browse online stores — Etsy is a great choice for DIY presents.

Write a love letter

Love letter

There isn’t a better time to express your feelings to your partner than on Valentine’s Day. If you find it difficult to voice them out in person, writing a love letter is a great alternative. Don’t rush the writing process and take time to formulate your thoughts. A nicely written letter to your significant other will be a nice keepsake for your partner to fondly look back on.

Say “I Love You”


Only three words, eight letters, and yet we don’t say it nearly enough. Valentine’s is as good a time as any to declare “I Love You” to your partner. Don’t be afraid to show your love and appreciation. Never underestimate the power of these three little words.