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Feng Shui Your Home to Get Success

With 2018 right around the corner, we all have hopes and wishes for the coming New Year. Whether it’s personal or professional, we strive to achieve these goals through our own hard work but a little help from the power of Feng Shui doesn’t hurt either.

In 2018, how can we improve our fortune at our home?

For romance
- Place New Year flowers* in the centre of your home to increase your chance of finding romance
- Place fresh flowers in the northwest of your bedroom to improve interpersonal relationships

For new offspring
- Place an eternal fire in the southeast to boost the chance of pregnancy
- Place New Year flowers* in the centre of your home to amplify the holiday joy and spirit

For money
- Place a piggy bank in the southeast to increase fortune
- Place a money plant (Devil’s Ivy, epipremnum aureum) in the northwest to increase fortune
*Note: New Year flowers are the flowers displayed during the New Year such as Peach Blossoms and Paperwhites.

Special thanks to:
Feng Shui Master - Philip Wong

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