The new life of old Tai Hang

Tai Hang Property

When you think of Tai Hang, things that might come to mind include the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival Fire Dragon Dance,
its unique shaped street network, and the myriad of local restaurants in the area. However, over 100 years ago, Tai Hang was just a little village with a small river that used to run from the hilltops down to the Victoria Harbour, passing through a big water channel, giving the area its name (Tai Hang means “big ditch” in Cantonese).

Once a humble, harbour-front village, Tai Hang has witnessed rapid urbanisation and development around the area over the past few decades. Village houses became scrappy low-rises which then became the luxury residential buildings that we see in the area today. With the upgrade of housing came the rejuvenation of the entire community — restaurants specialising in various cuisines and hip coffee shops giving new life to the neighbourhood; its unique history and laid-back ambience create a contrast with the commercial atmosphere of the nearby areas of Causeway Bay and Wan Chai. Luckily, Tai Hang’s ancient culture and traditions remain well-preserved despite all the changes, in particular, the Fire Dragon Dance, giving Tai Hang and the whole of Hong Kong its protection and blessings.

The district’s property market has a blend of brand new developments and old estates, a large portion of which is located in the Tai Hang neighbourhood and along Tai Hang Road. Apart from standalone buildings and old walk-ups, there are also a lot of old luxury homes in Tai Hang; these large units are usually over 1,000 square feet and occupied by the homeowners themselves and are rarely available in the market.

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Things to know before moving into Tai Hang

Management fees

There are quite a few boutique residential buildings in the area that were renovated from old buildings. Although some of them are selling at lower prices compared to flats in large housing estates, due tov the limited amount of units in these boutique buildings, the management fee for each homeowner can be relatively high.   

Fire Dragon Dance

fire dragon dance

Every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Tai Hang holds the Fire Dragon Dance, a three-day long event where a “fire dragon” made from tens of thousands of incense sticks is lit and paraded through the streets of Tai Hang. This ancient tradition originated in the 19th century and was originally conceived as a ritual to rid of evil. In 2011, this ritual made it onto China's third national list of intangible cultural heritage. 

School net

Tai Hang belongs to primary school net 12, which includes S.K.H. St.James' Primary School, St. Paul's Convent School (Primary Section), HK True Light Middle School (Primary Section) and Hennessy Road Government Primary School. Its secondary school net belongs to Wan Chai District, featuring Wah Yan College, Queen's College, St. Paul's Convent School, Sheng Kung Hui Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School and HK True Light Middle School.

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