Nanopool GmbH Wants to Massively Expand their Presence in China

SCHWALBACH, Germany, Nov. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- High-performance coatings "made in Germany" protect buildings and industrial facilities - patented products considerably reduce cleaning costs 

Nanopool GmbH now also aspires the Chinese market with their products for a multi-functional surface protection, which are already established in Europe, the USA and parts of Asia, and plans to open up production sites with local partners soon. "Due to our long-term experience with reference customers, we consider China as the market with the biggest growth potential in the segment of high-performance coatings," Nanopool's managing director, Sascha Schwindt says.

NP - inspired by nature photocredits copyright 2017
NP - inspired by nature photocredits copyright 2017

The innovative family business, situated in southwest Germany, is specialised in highly effective, invisible surface protection of buildings and industrial facilities, such as huge solar fields. Thus, cleaning and replacement costs are averagely reduced for more than 50%, production processes are optimised and hygienic conditions, e.g. in hospital, kindergartens or kitchens is guaranteed.

The products, developed by Nanopool, harmless for man, beast and environment, furthermore ensure value preservation, security and more comfort in numerous further branches such as apparel industry, automotive sector or shipbuilding.

The multiple awarded high-tech products "made in Germany", moreover protect wood against pest infestation by termites through a physical barrier and without any additional toxins.

"Thanks to our proven expertise and the respectively efficient products, Nanopool can offer custom-fit solutions for industrial customers," Mr. Schwindt declares. "we are very confident that we also can establish an exclusive production site for our comprehensive product portfolio with a powerful partner."

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