SanKoBot Delivers the First VSLAM Technology System for Large Scale Production in the Market

- Upgrade the Robotics from Mobile Phone Era into Smartphone Era

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SanKoBot, a tech startup based in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China with R&D divisions in Shenzhen, Singapore, Silicon Valley and Israel, has released its ground-breaking robotics vision system embedded in the Smart Cleaning Robot at the Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Trade Fair, making it the first technology company in the world to deliver a Visual Simultaneous Location and Mapping ("VSLAM") system in large scale production for the household robotics market. This enables home robotics providers around the world to upgrade their robotic products into intelligent capability utilizing SanKoBot's VSLAM system.

"SanKoBot's products are a radical step forward for the home robotics industry in the same way that visual sensing technology is revolutionizing the auto industry," says Robert Li, Founder and CEO of SanKoBot. "But home robotics applications are just a starting point for SanKoBot," adds Robert Li. "In the next phase of development, we plan to launch upgraded vision system products to break the mold of the Home AI industry. Our company is ambitious to develop innovative and ground-breaking products."

The technology inside the SanKoBot VSLAM system achieves remarkable performance and delivers exceptional user experience with fast calculation speed, exceptional accuracy and robust running. As the key parameter data demonstrates, it is able to sense its location with an accuracy of ±1 cm, running 20 fps with vision alone and running 100 fps with the fusion of other sensors. After it creates a map, the robot can quickly locate itself, within 1 second, even when it is lifted up or placed at a random spot. SanKoBot is the first company to provide this technology to home robotics providers at a low cost to enable a wide range of adaptation across the market.

Unlike other feature-based VSLAM techniques, SanKoBot's VSLAM solution can handle a wide range of indoor environments, including those with low textures, very low or very strong light, as well as fast changing light conditions. "SanKoBot is the first technology company in the market to achieve commercial large scale production of this technology and launch it into the market, which is really good news for us," says Yan Shengfeng, a customer. "After various tests, I found this vision product robust and working perfectly in difficult conditions at the 3G Hall of Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Trade Fair."

With a variety of sensors, SanKoBot's robotics vision system integrates multiple data streams to build its intelligence about the surroundings in a highly robust fashion. Utilizing state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies, the robot continuously creates 3D visual landmarks, recognizes key objects, entrances, exits and boundaries of each room, and creates a complete 3D map of the indoor environment as it navigates through a room.

As SanKoBot's angel investors, Leo Wang, founder of PreAngel Fund, and Jiaxi Lin, founder of Guojin Capital, put it succinctly: "SanKoBot is creating innovative solutions by bringing together VSLAM technology at large scale production for the market. In addition, their work to create the next-generation consumer robotics Personal Assistant will be a major breakthrough for comprehensively managing in home data and technology."

Aviad Maizels, Founder and President of PrimeSense, the leader in Natural Interaction® and 3D sensing, which was bought by Apple Inc. in 2013, now sits on the advisory board of SanKoBot together with David (Dadi) Perlmutter, former Intel CPO.

SanKoBot brings future technology into the home, creating a Robotic Personal Assistant (RPA) that stays together with people and pets in the home. The RPA assists with all aspects of the Smart Home, interacting intuitively with humans and the physical world around it. SanKoBot's products integrate artificial intelligence, software and hardware to provide a complete Smart Home solution targeted to the China, US and global markets. SanKoBot's industry leading technology is differentiated from industry incumbents and upstarts through leveraging its R&D divisions in innovation hotspots across the world: China's innovation hubs, Silicon Valley, Israel's Silicon Wadi and Singapore.

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