Property - Nimble Real Estate garnered "The Excellence Award of the Third Real Estate Design Competition" through its six-year crafting


Nimble Real Estate garnered "The Excellence Award of the Third Real Estate Design Competition" through its six-year crafting

HONG KONG, July 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A Natural island with blue sky, white clouds, clean water & sand has always been the dream place for urbanites to live. It's also a test to the developer on its professional and comprehensive strength, how to fully use such unique resources to build ideal resort houses for urbanites. Recently, Nimble Golden Coast, the development of Nimble Real Estate, has been awarded "The Excellence Award of The Third Real Estate Design Competition in China" for its quality coastal resort resources and excellent design concept, following the high recognition by winning the award from real estate industry - "The Most Beautiful Resort in China". It proves Nimble Real Estate's outstanding selection and professional power both in project design and development.

Certificate and Project objective picture
Certificate and Project objective picture

This year's "Real Estate Design Competition in China" attracted 137 renowned institutions worldwide to participate. The assessors of the award are academic people. The winning of Nimble Golden Coast proved its power of master planning, project prospective trial and architectural design in tourism estate.

Nimble Golden Coast located in Hailing Island in Yangjiang, faces Shijiao Bay and Dina Bay, and is surrounded by mountains at the back. The whole site sits beside the mountains and sea with stunning scenery. In 2012, Nimble Real Estate worked with a world class landscape design firm, Belt Collins, to plan this development. After years of careful designing, Nimble Golden Coast has turned into a beautiful resort and becomes the model of a high quality resort community in the South China Sea.

In terms of design, the buildings are designed into different heights and the coastal buildings are designed into a "Y" shape so that the residents can enjoy the sea view more. There are substantial distances between high-rise buildings for people to enjoy various views, and in the meantime to ensure that people in the buildings behind the coastal buildings can also enjoy sea view. Moreover, most of the apartments have both sea view and mountain view to maximize the enjoyment of overall living environment and value of dwellings.

Nimble Golden Coast has leveraged the features of coastal line and flat topography to build a huge crystal lake with 50 thousand square meters. Also, consultants of sand and swimming pools were appointed from abroad to optimize the swimming pool by bringing in the filtered sea water. There are also lots of recreational facilities available in the crystal lake, all people at different ages may have fun.

Nimble Real Estate has always upheld the brand concept and moto of "build a dream home and make a better life", it's president Tan Bingzhao said that an excellent company will not merely seek profits, however Nimble Golden Coast also wants to reserve the natural, native environment and wants to maintain a reasonable layout. It provides the possibility for urbanites to enjoy another alternative other than just spending a holiday. Nimble Golden Coast will be built as a high quality resort community model to the highest standard.

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