Sha Tin's city rentals are hot commodities

Sha Tin

With groups of mainland and overseas college students looking for flats, summer is a popular season for rentals. There’s a limited supply of university dorm rooms, and students who can’t get a spot in the dorms will have to turn to rentals. Naturally, student renters gravitate towards housing that are close to their universities and MTR stations.

The East Rail Line connects PolyU in Hung Hom, Baptist University and CityU in Kowloon Tong, Chinese University in Ma Liu Shui and Institute of Education in Tai Po, making it a preferred commute for many students to go to school. Amongst the properties along the East Rail Line, Sha Tin offers smaller units.

As a result, rentals in Sha Tin city centre attract a lot of buzz in the summertime. Song Kai-sun, marketing manager of Midland Realty, wrote in an article published by Sing Tao Daily on June 27, “We’ve seen a lot activity in the rental market in Sha Tin city centre. Around 60 units were up for lease in May, and so far in June we’ve got another 27. Around one-third of the renters are mainland students, who are mainly looking for estates offering one- or two-bedroom flats such as Sha Tin Centre, Wai Wah Centre, Hilton Plaza and Lucky Plaza.”

On the other hand, there are also students who choose to live in larger units with roommates, as a way to reduce rent expenses. However, due to a limited supply of units, renters sometimes have to inspect the flat via videos or photos, and place offers remotely. Apart from university students looking for rentals, families also like to switch homes in the summer, as it is summer holiday for the kids. As a result, the rent tends to increase by 2-3% during summer, and the increase can be bigger for cheaper units. Meanwhile, transaction volumes of rentals usually increase by 20-30% compared to previous months.

Although located in New Territories East, Sha Tin has all the hustle and bustle of a city. Boasting an excellent school net and proximity to a number of universities and international schools, Sha Tin will also be a stop on the under-construction Sha Tin to Central Link. It is a convenient location for professionals to go to work and students to go to school.

Sha Tin

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Selected properties

Hilton Plaza

Built in 1985 on 3-9 Sha Tin Centre Street, Hilton Plaza is comprised of four buildings, offering a total of 928 units, most of which are two-bedrooms. The base floors are home to a shopping mall connected to the Sha Tin MTR station. A mid-level unit in Block C, with a saleable area of 475 square feet, was recently rented for HKD$19,000, or HKD$40 per square foot. 

Sha Tin Hilton Plaza

Sha Tin Centre

Located on 2-16 Wang Pok Street, Sha Tin Centre was the first housing estate in Sha Tin city when it was built in 1986. It is comprised of eight buildings and 1,480 units, measuring at 356-937 square feet. A high-level one-bedroom unit with a saleable area of 297 square feet was recently rented out to a mainland student at HKD$14,000 a month, making the per-square-foot monthly rent HKD$47.1. 

Wai Wah Centre

Wai Wah Centre, situated on 11-17 Sha Tin Centre Street, was completed in 1986 and consists of four buildings. The 832 units are mostly two-bedrooms with saleable areas ranging from 403 to 483 square feet. It has a shopping arcade on the lower floors which is also connected to the Sha Tin MTR station. A high-level D unit in Block 1, with a saleable area of 308 square feet, was recently rented at HK$15,000 or HK$D48.7 per square foot. 

City One

With 52 residential buildings, City One is the largest housing project in the Sha Tin District, developed over seven phases. Phase One was completed in 1981 and has a total of 10,642 units, over half of which are two-bedroom flats. Recently, a high-level E unit in Block 31, with a saleable area of 451 square feet, was sold at HKD$6.68 million, or HKD$14,812 per saleable square foot. 

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Things to know before moving into Sha Tin:

Large number of tourists and goods traders

There are large groups of mainland tourists and goods traders dragging suitcases around Sha Tin city centre. Sometimes, they block passages in malls and the Sha Tin MTR station, impacting residents’ daily lives.

School net

The district belongs to primary school net 88, 89 and 91, which includes Baptist (Sha Tin Wai) Lui Ming Choi Primary School, Shatin Government Primary School and Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School. Its secondary school net belongs to Sha Tin District, with schools such as Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School, Sha Tin Government Secondary School, Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Shatin), and Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School. International schools in the district include International Christian School, Sha Tin College and Sha Tin Junior School.

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