Bachelor pad

Decor Suite Interiors transforms a four-bedroom flat on Bowen Road into one man's sanctuary for relaxation and entertaining. 
Decor Suite Interiors

Most designers understand the challenges of trying to check off every box on their client’s wish list for a small flat. Yet spacious surrounds provide their own set of issues. 

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Designer Simon Wong of Décor Suite Interiors had a client who wanted to renovate her Bowen Road unit. Previously a four-bedroom apartment that was rented out, the owner reclaimed it for her adult son’s personal use. She tasked Wong with creating a home tailor made for the hard-working man to enjoy wine with friends or simply to relax, while offering plenty of space to store gear for his many hobbies. As Décor Suite offers furniture through its shops as well as interior design and contracting services, she knew she was in good hands. Yet she wanted to ensure that every inch of the 1,805 square foot apartment was put to use.

Decor Suite Interiors

“Designing for one resident in a large space can be just as difficult as designing for a family in a small one,” notes Wong. “A single guy doesn’t need that many rooms, yet my client wanted each space to be functional.” Wong’s solution was to make the flat as open and flexible as possible, with the possibility of enclosing spaces back into separate bedrooms if the son’s lifestyle changes. The flat was an extensive renovation with multiple partitions removed or replaced; the only rooms left untouched were the kitchen and helper’s room.

“One of the main things we did was open up the living and dining area,” Wong explains. “There was previously a bedroom near the entry that was typically used as a study. It made the entry dark and small. We converted this space into an open bar area with custom cabinets that can store and display his wine collection or souvenirs from trips. The bar was purposely placed at an angle so that people look out to the view from the living area, as the adjacent windows looked into a neighbour’s flat.”

Decor Suite Interiors

Wong used a combination of natural materials such as grey marble and honey-coloured hardwood flooring, continuing the marble on some walls such as behind the flatscreen TV. In the dining area, he took advantage of a deep window podium, converting it into bench seating for the dining table. “This cleared the traffic flow from the kitchen,” Wong elaborates. It allows views into one of the bedrooms, transformed into a den that doubles as a guest room with sliding doors that completely opens the space. Here, Wong added a raised platform and an entire wall of closet storage. “The raised platform helps to frame the view and acts as a tatami for guests who stay the night.”

Decor Suite Interiors

The master bedroom features an enlarged print chosen by Wong’s client as both a headboard and a work of art. Another bedroom was converted into a walk-in closet accessible from the master bedroom, while some bathroom walls such as around the spacious shower stall were replaced by glass. As for the rest of the apartment, an emphasis was placed on using natural textures such as slate assembled in a subway tile pattern on the walls behind a comfortable lounge corner and continuing into the bathroom.

Wong explains the design concept in a nutshell: “The apartment now suits his way of life, but can easily become a three-bedroom flat if things change in the future.”

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