Property - ART CANTON Becomes the Top Choice for Art Investors as More New-generation Middle Class in China Begin Investing in Artwork


ART CANTON Becomes the Top Choice for Art Investors as More New-generation Middle Class in China Begin Investing in Artwork

GUANGZHOU, China, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Art Carton 2017 will be held in Guangzhou in the coming September. In addition to the 8th ART CANTON - International art fair from 15-18 September, a brand new project, "ART CANTON - Contemporary Art Show", which focuses on academic contemporary art, will also launch 21-24 September, 2017.

China is shifting into an age of investing in new capital and art. With the slow growth in stocks and property markets, the middle class in China, especially the new generation, have started to invest in art on a large scale, leading to an explosion of growth in art as an investment industry.

Art Canton 2017
Art Canton 2017

With the increasing enthusiasm of art investing among the Chinese middle class, news about high bids are common in both domestic and international art auctions. Apart from investing in traditional Chinese calligraphy and classical collectibles, contemporary art works also draw huge attention to new investors. "How to invest in art?" is always a hot topic in the capital markets. What kind of art should be chosen? Where to buy? And how? These 3 questions are such hard nuts to crack.

Because of its diversified collectibles, art fairs become the first place Chinese art investors seek new pieces. Most investors think that art works from art fairs are more reliable, with guaranteed quality. Moreover, visiting art fairs seems fun and amusing. They can learn more information about their favorite art piece and get professional advice by talking face to face with experts. There is no doubt that art fairs are the best consultants to art investors.

Founded in 2010, ART CANTON - International art fair ("ART CANTON") has welcomed its 8th year. The high-end platform gathers distinguished art works from all over the world, it is well-known by the art investors in Southern China and even Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan. In 2016, ART CANTON presented a series of art works from world class art masters like You Jin, Kazuo Shiraga, Murakami Takashi, Pablo Picasso, Atsuko Tanaka, Fernando Botero, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Mao Lizi, Huang Zhongyang, Xu Gulin, Kan Taikeung and Zao Wuki. It attracted over 3,000 VIP collectors and 35,000 collectors and art lovers during the 4-day fair.

In order to showcase a much wider range of art works, other than the original version of ART CANTON, a brand new project which focuses on academic contemporary art will be launched, "ART CANTON - Contemporary Art Show". According to what we've learned so far, ART CANTON  - Contemporary Art Show is the first independent contemporary art show in Southern China, the organizing committee of ART CANTON has invited a group of famous Chinese art professors to be the art consultants of the show, and has established a professional curation team and academic advisory council for this show, quite a big event to look forward to in Guangzhou in September.

ART CANTON - International art fair
15-18 September, 2017

ART CANTON - Contemporary Art Show
21-24 September, 2017

Venue: Hall 5, Guangzhou Liuhua Exhibition & Trade Center (The only Sino-Soviet Friendship Building in Guangzhou)
Address: No.117, Liuhua Road, Yuexiu Distrct, Guangzhou.
WeChat: artcanton
Tel: +86-20-6631-9610

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