Mainland houses with great landscapes


Two years ago, I paid a visit to Zhongshan with a group of friends interested in investment. All of us were amazed by the picturesque surroundings of the west bank of the Pearl River, as well as the affordable housing prices there. As a result, we all purchased properties in Zhongshan, and I even made some connections with some local developers.

Last week, I revisited Zhongshan and noticed that there are way more people and cars in the city these days. Thanks to the powerful momentum of the Big Bay Area, a large number of Shenzhen residents and companies are starting their businesses on the west bank of the Pearl River — the speed of development in Mainland China is something that Hong Kong finds difficult to keep up with. As a developer friend of mine has recently relocated to Heshan, I decided to pay him a visit and check out the city that I knew almost nothing about.

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Located in Jiangman city, Heshan sits just cross the river from Foshan, and is 60km from Guangzhou. The development I visited is named “A Cover of Miles,” which is a large development by the Guangdong-based Fineland Group. Living up to its name, the development takes up an enormous piece of land; even the cab driver that took me there knew of the vastness of the place, and kept asking me where exactly I’d like to be dropped off.

Turns out, the whole project covers whopping total of 253 square kilometers, or 2.53 million square meters. To make it easier to understand—the entire Ma On Shan district (excluding the country park) measures at 400 kilometers, so “A Cover of Miles” is as large as 60% of Ma On Shan.

Apart from its expanse, the developments — which boasts a Chinese-style, garden-like architectural design — is also characterized by its signature villas. Located against the backdrop of Dayan Mountain, which takes up an area of 333 square kilometers, “A Cover of Miles” has a river meandering through various sections of the project, and the pastoral, poetic design of the development is so visually stunning that it makes visitors feel like they just stepped into a traditional Chinese ink painting.

The villa designs here are also remarkably unique and original. In one particular section in the development named the “Moon Isle”, all villas sport a siheyuan (traditional Chinese courtyard) design. Sales representatives told me that what we were looking at were the fifth-generation siheyuans, which featured excellent lighting and ventilation. These stylish yet functional villas preserve the classic East-Asian architectural style, while also catering to the needs of present-day people, making them a modern paradise.

I consider myself something of a property expert, but “A Cover of Miles” was an eye-opening experience for me. The beautiful mountain and water, coupled with the atmospheric designs of the properties, together make this development a rare gem. There is no shortage of breathtaking landscapes in a vast country like China, and with careful planning and development, there will be an endless supply of high-quality houses with a beautiful view. On the other hand, given the extremely limited land supply, it is unlikely for most Hong Kong residents to enjoy such a luxury in our overcrowded and overpriced city.

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