Editor's Review: Apartment Kapok

Apartment Kapok offers a central location and ample storage to encourage residents to stay a little longer

My friend Betty likes to argue that Mongkok is the centre of the universe. But I would beg to differ: Wanchai should the grand prize. It literally has it all. In terms of transportation, it cannot be beat—I can just as easily ferry across the harbour as I can scoot to Shenzhen, Guangzhou or any other place in southern China. Its colourful history owing to Club Tonnochy and ladies of the evening such as the fictional Suzie Wong has evolved into the lively bars along Lockhart Road. Yet closer to the harbour along Wanchai’s eastern side, the ambience is more residential and laid back.

That was where I found Apartment Kapok, tucked away beside Sun Hung Kai Centre and across from the Wanchai Swimming Pool. Immediately, I knew that I would never go hungry as directly above on the podium level is Brim 28, an international smorgasbord of restaurants. The lobby itself is restful, spacious and features high ceilings. From the left luggage, I could see that the reception does double duty for the hotel floors on the lower levels.

I was shown to my 505 square foot apartment with beautiful sea views via one of three elevators. Along with the tasteful furnishings and extensive use of wood throughout, one of the first things I noticed was the amount of storage available. Full height closets with adjustable shelves were built in not only near the entrance, but also into the living area. I find that often service apartment include even less storage than hotel rooms, which makes long term stays rather tricky—where do I put my large suitcases or seasonal clothing? The flexible and plentiful storage means that I can indulge in the city’s biannual sales and still have room to spare.

Although my fully equipped enclosed kitchen came with a combined washer and dryer, I was informed that the apartment has a dedicated laundry room with coin operated machines. I really appreciated having this large space for laundry days; there are also sinks and two irons with boards, for anyone who prefers to personally care for her precious fashion collection. I could hear Putonghua, English and other languages being spoken in the lifts and corridors—it was a very international crowd staying at Kapok. However, due to the studio and one bedroom configurations of all the apartments, there are few children. It appears that most of the clientele are singles or couples who work in the area.

After a run on the treadmill while enjoying the gym’s sea views, I ventured up to the roof to enjoy a drink. I marvelled at the full glass balustrade that allowed me an unobstructed panoramic view, and considered firing up the barbecue for a spot of heat due to the chilly evening. Instead, I headed down to the billiards room for a round of pool before retiring back in my apartment.

As I settle in for the night, I appreciated the sliding wooden doors that separated the living area from the bedroom. I gazed out across the harbour and imagined how spectacular the city’s various fireworks extravaganza would be from my bed. It put a smile on my face as I fell asleep.

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