BeoLab 90: When technology meets craftsmanship

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Bang & Olufsen embarked on a three-year journey to forge its new flagship loudspeaker: BeoLab 90. The result is a product that boasts a unique exterior design, top-class craftsmanship, perfect settings and superb sound, making it a deserving winner of the 2016 CES Innovation Awards in the High Performance Home Audio Product category.

The largest loudspeaker model in the history of B&O, BeoLab 90 is designed to be an extraordinary complete, powerful and aesthetically appealing digital sound system.

It is a multi-faceted loudspeaker with no apparent visual front and sporting 18 premium drivers each equipped with an ICEpower class D amplifiers, equalling 8200 total watts, as well as two high-speed 450Mhz 32bit DSPs that process and analyse data from the outside environment.

BeoLab 90 constitutes two parts: the top tower, 360-degree tweeters and midrange speakers, is cast in 10mm-thick plastic, while the bottom, where the woofers and majors circuits are located, is made with die-cast aluminium.

The radiators are built into the main body to achieve their optimal cooling function. The aluminium crown, made with a three-metre-long aluminium bar, along with black fabric covers, together give the loudspeaker a uniquely eye-popping exterior that was inspired by the BMW Gina Concept sports car, according to the designers.

Complementing these design elements is the curved wooden base, which is crafted with a traditional Scandinavian furniture-making technique and lifts up the 135 kg structure from the floor as if it’s suspended in mid-air.

The dual-DSP system can automatically adjust the settings depending on the varying external elements or be pre-set by the user according to their preferences.

B&O’s own “active room compensation” technology, on the other hand, is able to compensate for an array of effects on the acoustics caused by the room, the furniture and the location of the loudspeaker or the listener.

The beam width control and beam direction control enable the user to set the width and the direction of the sound and to get their preferred acoustics in a specific environment or location through the adjustments from the amplifiers and driver units.

In addition, with multiple analogue and digital inputs, BeoLab 90 can be easily controlled with the remote or the smartphone app, and be synced with other B&O products via the BeoLink Multiroom system.

BeoLab 90 also offers customisation services. With a range of options for cover fabric, colour of the aluminium crown, base wood material and more, this groundbreaking loudspeaker can be an ideal addition to any home.