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Kai Tak Ready for Take Off

For those born before the 1990s, the iconic scene of airplanes roaming over Kowloon City would come to your mind at the mention of Kai Tak. Due to the growth in air traffic and expansion of neighbouring residential areas, Kai Tak Airport was closed down in 1998 to give way to the new airport in Chek Lap Kok.

Soon after the relocation of the airport, redevelopment of Kai Tak commenced with plans to transform the ex-airport into a neighbourhood with a mix of community, housing, business, tourism and infrastructural uses.

As the construction of several major residential developments is already underway, the new Kai Tak is gradually taking shape. Let’s take a stroll to Kai Tak and its neighbouring areas now.


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Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

Designed by the British award winning Foster + Partners, the three-storey Kai Tak Cruise Terminal began operation in June 2013. Situated at the southern tip of the former runway area, it serves as an alternate embarkation and arrival point for international sea travellers and complements the already busy Ocean Terminal.

Travellers can enjoy a meal or snack at a range of restaurants and cafes and do some shopping before embarking on their adventure. They can also head up to the largest rooftop garden in Hong Kong, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park, which features a central lawn, water garden, fountain plaza and viewing platform from which to take in the jaw-dropping views of both coasts of the Victoria Harbour.

Right next to the terminal is the Kai Tak Runway Park. Paying tribute to the old airport, part of the runway has been retained and integrated into the park, in addition to the incorporation of aviation elements in its design. With a massive green lawn, a waterfront promenade and an open plaza, the locale is open 24 hours and has become a favourite spot for weekend family outings.

Runners are amongst those who also frequent the park, starting their jog from Kai Tak Runway Park and onto the newly paved Shing Fung Road, which connects Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to Kowloon Bay, and some might even extend their route to Kwun Tong Promenade.

33 Shing Fung Road, Kai Tak


On the edge of San Po Kong, Mikiki is easily accessible from Kai Tak by walking across the overpass next to Trade and Industry Tower.

Though relatively small in size when compared to other shopping malls, Mikiki offers a great variety of shops to satisfy the everyday needs of nearby residents and has a Yata supermarket that takes up the entire basement. The range of shops in the mall includes restaurants and cafes, personal care, jewellery, fashion, home furnishing and electrical appliances and a bookstore.

Mikiki is also one of the few shopping malls in Hong Kong that allows dogs. For small to medium sized dogs, their owners can put down a deposit of $300 to rent a pet stroller from Customer Care Centre for three hours, while larger breed dogs are required to wear a muzzle. Visitors can also enjoy a meal with your flurry friend at the outdoor seating area of eateries on the ground floor.

638 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong
3980 9930

Kowloon City

Coined ‘Little Thailand’, Kowloon City is a renowned foodie heaven right across Kai Tak. For those wanting to dine out, the options available can be overwhelming as you can find cuisines like Thai, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Chiu Chau, Muslim, Japanese, western and many more.

And if you prefer to do some grocery shopping and cook at home, Kowloon City is also the place to be for it is home to Hong Kong’s largest wet market, Kowloon City Market, which is also rated one of the best wet markets in the city and is frequented by celebrities, food critics and famous chefs. With over 500 stalls, you can find the greatest variety of the freshest produce, meats and seafood. You can also visit the mom and pop shops where you can find dried goods like mushrooms and dried sausages or the Thai grocery stores if you want to try your hands at cooking Thai.

Aside from its eateries, Kowloon city is well-known for its selection of pastry and dessert shops. Whether it is traditional Hong Kong pastries like egg tarts or butterfly puff, Chinese desserts like black sesame soup or milk curd, or western pastries such as croissants and cakes, you will never have trouble finding it in this neighbourhood.

KCP Auto Plaza

This is a place that car enthusiasts should not miss out on. Located on basement level 2 of KCP, the 60,000 square feet KCP Auto Plaza is the first boutique style automobile retail mall in the city and includes a coffee shop and rest area, showcasing over a hundred brand new and second-hand cars.

Whether you are looking for a family car, SUV, luxury car, supercar or classic, you will surely find something that suits you and the auto plaza has an in-house service centre that provides engine repairing, vehicle inspection and maintenance, paint job, car appearance maintenance and renovation services.

From time to time, KCP Auto Plaza will collaborate with car and luxury brands to host exhibitions and promotion activities. 

B2, KCP, 128 Carpenter Road, Kowloon City
2718 7722


Sung Wong Toi

Sung Wong Toi, which literally means ‘terrace of the Sung emperors’, previously stood on top of Sacred Hill in Ma Tau Chung before it was dislodged during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong to make way for the expansion of Kai Tak Airport. It found its present home inside the Sung Wong Toi Garden after the end of World War II. Originally part of a 45m tall boulder, the stone was erected in memory of the last two boy emperors of Southern Sung dynasty who fled from the pursuit of the Mongol army and took refuge in Hong Kong from 1277 to 1279.

Sung Wong Toi is currently the only historical relic related to Sung dynasty in Hong Kong.

 Junction of Sung Wong Toi Road and Ma Tau Chung Road

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